Build your Falafel empire in Falafel tycoon. Hire staff and train them to make awesome sandwiches and serve your customers to get more ratings and receive good reviews. Keep your restaurant clean or your customer will complain and leave bad comments on social media. The more you earn in reputation the more customer and money you will get to open new restaurant and build your empire.

Manage your monthly bills and staff salaries to balance your money and earn more profit to buy more resources and serve your customers need. Research your menu items to add more food on your menu and earn more money. You will also be able to buy farms and more restaurants to make your Falafel empire and be the King in Falafel Tycoon.

Customize your restaurant - with 100+ object you can place in your restaurant to customize, the possibilities are endless. Add carpets, wall decoration, paint the walls with solid colors or patterns and even customize your staff uniform.

Release Dates
Game Mode
Single player
Indie, Simulator
Supported Languages