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Fallout 2 (Credits)

Jesse ReynoldsLead Programmer
Chris JonesProgrammer
Nick KestingProgrammer
Robert Hertenstein IIProgrammer
Thomas FrenchProgrammer
Chris HollandProgrammer
Dan SpitzleyProgrammer
Tim CainAdditional Programming by
John PriceAdditional Programming by
Michael BernsteinAdditional Programming by
Paul EdelsteinMovie Technology
Darren MonahanInstaller/Autoplay
Gary PlatnerLead Artist
Tramell Ray IsaacLead Artist
Robert CollierArtist
Jeff McAteerArtist
Brian MenzeArtist
Scott RodenhizerArtist
Aaron BrownAdditional Art by
Peter KrokoAdditional Art by
Michael Sean McCarthyAdditional Art by
Chad MooreAdditional Art by
Eddie RainwaterAdditional Art by
Justin SweetAdditional Art by
Vance KovacsAdditional Art by
Tim DonleyAdditional Art by
Charles M. GregoryIntern Artist
Daniel JacobsIntern Artist
John JacobsIntern Artist
Karel JacobsIntern Artist
Christopher JonesIntern Artist
Benc OrpakIntern Artist
Adoni TorresIntern Artist
Jason AndersonOriginal Game Artwork by
Leonard BoyarskyOriginal Game Artwork by
Michael DeanOriginal Game Artwork by
Sharon ShellmanOriginal Game Artwork by
Feargus UrquhartLead Designer
Matthew J. NortonLead Designer
Jason G. SuinnDesigner
John DeileyDesigner
Chris AvelloneDesigner
David "Zeb" CookDesigner
Dave HendeeDesigner
Colin McCombDesigner
Scott EvertsTechnical Designer
John DeileyLevel Designer
Scott EvertsLevel Designer
Jason G. SuinnLevel Designer
Robert Hertenstein IIAdditional Design by
Nick KestingAdditional Design by
Fred HatchAdditional Design by
Mark O'GreenDesign/Dialogue
Tim CainOriginal Game Design by
Leonard BoyarskyOriginal Game Design by
Jason AndersonOriginal Game Design by
Jason TaylorOriginal Game Design by
Scott CampbellOriginal Game Design by
Chris TaylorSPECIAL Game System Design by
Tim CainSPECIAL Game System Design by
Jess HeinigSPECIAL Game System Design by
Feargus UrquhartSPECIAL Game System Design by
Feargus UrquhartDivision Director
Eric DemiltProducer
Feargus UrquhartProducer
Fred HatchAssistant Producer
Douglas AveryAssistant Producer
Jeremy BarnesAssistant Division Director
Jason G. SuinnLip Synch Coordinator
Dave HendeeLip Synch Coordinator
Douglas AveryLip Synch Artist
Chris BensonLip Synch Artist
David "Zeb" CookLip Synch Artist
Jacob DevoreLip Synch Artist
Kenneth LeeLip Synch Artist
Colin McCombLip Synch Artist
Quality Assurance
Chad AllisonDirector of Quality Assurance
Steve VictoryQA Manager
Colin TotmanQA Manager
Greg "Moose" BaumeisterPC Version Project Supervisor
Steve McLaffertyPC Version Project Supervisor
Darrell JonesPC Version Project Supervisor
Dennis PresnellPC Version Senior Tester
Chad NicholasPC Version Senior Tester
Dave SimonPC Version Senior Tester
Ed HylandPC Version Tester
Dany MartinezPC Version Tester
WR SaundersPC Version Tester
Rodney SmithPC Version Tester
Tony PiccoliPC Version Tester
David MaldonadoPC Version Tester
Dan LevinPC Version Tester
Eric PribishPC Version Tester
Scott WarnerPC Version Tester
Derek JohnsonPC Version Tester
Tim AndersonPC Version Tester
Primo PulancoPC Version Tester
Jeremy RayPC Version Tester
Jeremy SeelyPC Version Tester
Henry LeePC Version Tester
Scott HumphreysPC Version Tester
Frank PimentelI.S. Compatibility Manager
Bill DelkSenior I.S. Technician
Tom QuastI.S. Technician
Steve CabinessQA Database Administrator
Derek GibbsCompatibility Technician
John ParkerCompatibility Technician
Ed RoblesCompatibility Technician
Louie IturzaetaCompatibility Technician
Charles DeenenAudio Director
Craig DumanAudio Mastering
Jamie ThomasonVoiceover Director
Julie MorgaviVoiceover Coordinator
Chris BordersVoiceover Supervisor
Frank SzickVoiceover Editor
Kevin FrayserVoiceover Editor
Ron ValdezVoiceover Editor
Marc Graue StudioVoiceover Recorded At (Support Company)
Paul MenichiniSound Design
Tim WalstonSound Design
David FarmerCinematics Sound Design
Charles DeenenCinematics Re-Recording Mixing
Gloria SotoAudio Administrator
Larry PeacockAdditional Sound Design by
WeddingtonAdditional Sound Design by (Support Company)
EFXAdditional Sound Design by (Support Company)
Eight Ball SoundAdditional Sound Design by (Support Company)
Charles DeenenAdditional Sound Design by
Wes SmithVoiceover Engineer
Julian CookVoiceover Engineer
Mark MorganMusic by
Four Bars EntertainmentMusic for (Support Company)
Rick JacksonMusic Also by
Fred HatchVoice Producer
Dave CravensVideo Services Provided by
Stephen MillerVideo Services Provided by
Bill StoudtVideo Services Provided by
Dan WilliamsVideo Services Provided by
Paul SackmanDirector of Marketing
Mike MarkinMarketing Manager
Greg PetersonMarketing Manager
Greg BaumanAssociate Marketing Manager
Krys CardPR Manager
Thom DohnerTraffic Manager
Paul NaftalisTraffic Manager

Fallout 2

90 /100

Released: 1998

Fallout 2 is a role-playing open world video game. The player is free to move at will until they enter into combat. Combat gives them a number of action points to move, fire, check their equipment, reload and the...