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Perfection, but not at first glance. [10.0/10]

ozzy0 created

It actually wasn't until I saw a youtuber called Many A True Nerd do a kill everything and kill no-one run that I understood how great of an RPG New Vegas actually is. While Fallout 3 always leaned on the shooter genre, New Vegas brought back the role playing aspect and freedom you'd come to expect from a game like this. And yes, maybe this game...

BigTiddies Review [10.0/10]

BigTiddy created

I borrowed this game from my uncle for the PS3 about 2 years ago and I got to the Goodsprings or Powder Ganger decision and I picked the Powder Ganger one on accident and then I said "man f*ck this why would you want to pick that,that's so stupid" and then I played Fallout 3 and really liked that. After I learned how the fallout formula worked I...

ResetRPGs Review [10.0/10]

ResetRPG created

Fallout New Vegas is one of the greatest video games ever made, a hugely important game in my life and has helped me through a ton of bad times, and a shining example and a game that defines the Action-RPG Genre along games such of the like as KOTOR, Morrowind, Gothic, etc. for a number of reasons. Obsidian in 2010 while under heavy time and wor...

I have not completed it, but feels half baked. [6.6/10]

neb created

One of the first things that struck me was that the main character must have really short legs due to how slow you walk and when walking through the waste land I really noticed it. The biggest let downs for me was the fraction system, at first glance it seams great, over time a few things seam a bit of , the most annoying is that after inte...