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Fallout (Credits)

Black Isle Studios

Tim CainLead Programmer
Chris JonesLead Programmer
Jesse L. ReynoldsProgrammer
Kevin WeathermanProgrammer
Nick KestingProgrammer
Robert Hertenstein IIProgrammer
Jess HeinigProgrammer
Jason TaylorProgrammer
Tim HumeMac Programmer
Mark HarrisonAdditional Programming by
John PriceAdditional Programming by
Chris DesalvoAdditional Programming by
Mark MurakamiAdditional Programming by
Dan SpitzleyAdditional Programming by
Guido HenkelAdditional Programming by
Michael BernsteinAdditional Programming by
Thomas FrenchAdditional Programming by
Paul EdelsteinMovie Technology
Darren MonahanInstaller/Autoplay
Leonard BoyarskyArt Director
Jason AndersonLead Artist
Leonard BoyarskyLead Artist
Gary PlatnerLead Artist
Robert CollierArtist
Michael DeanArtist
Tramell Ray IsaacArtist
Eddie RainwaterArtist
Scott RodenhizerArtist
Sharon ShellmanArtist
Peter KrokoAdditional Art by
Justin SweetAdditional Art by
Joseph CesarioAdditional Art by
Cheryl AustinAdditional Art by
Jay EsparzaAdditional Art by
Geoff GregorAdditional Art by
Arlene SommersAdditional Art by
George AlmondAdditional Art by
Erik JamisonAdditional Art by
Helena WickbergAdditional Art by
James DoyleAdditional Art by
Scott RodenhizerClay Modeller
Tony PostmaConceptual Artist
Chris TaylorLead Designer
David HendeeDesigner
Scott BennieDesigner
Brian FreyermuthDesigner
Scott CampbellDesigner
Scott EvertsTechnical Designer
Robert Hertenstein IIAdditional Design by
Jess HeinigAdditional Design by
Nick KestingAdditional Design by
Tim CainAdditional Design by
Leonard BoyarskyAdditional Design by
Jason AndersonAdditional Design by
Fred HatchAdditional Design by
Evan ChantlandAdditional Design by
Dennis PresnellAdditional Design by
Feargus UrquhartAdditional Design by
Mark O'GreenDesign/Dialogue
Tim CainOriginal Game Design by
Leonard BoyarskyOriginal Game Design by
Jason AndersonOriginal Game Design by
Jason TaylorOriginal Game Design by
Scott CampbellOriginal Game Design by
Tim CainProducer
Fred HatchAssistant Producer
Feargus UrquhartDivision Director
Jeremy BarnesAssistant Division Director
Tom DeckerOriginal Producer
Jason G. SuinnProduction Assistant
Mike "Paco" GreeneMonkey Boy
Chris BensonMac Assistance
Chad AllisonDirector of Quality Assurance
Colin TotmanAssistant Director of QA
Ron HodgePC Version Lead Tester
Greg "Moose" BaumeisterPC Version Lead Tester
Shanna SanpaoloPC Version Tester
Evan ChantlandPC Version Tester
Ed HylandPC Version Tester
Steve ReedPC Version Tester
James ChungPC Version Tester
Kaycee VardamanPC Version Tester
Bill FieldPC Version Tester
Richard BarkerPC Version Tester
Rene HakikiPC Version Tester
Erick LujanPC Version Tester
Matt KaupaPC Version Tester
Steve VictoryPC Version Tester
Scot HumphreysPC Version Tester
Tim AndersonPC Version Tester
Darrell JonesPC Version Tester
Jim DoddsMac Version Lead Tester
Matt MurakamiMac Version Lead Tester
Steve McLaffertyMac Version Lead Tester
Adam ChaneyMac Version Tester
Dennis PresnellMac Version Tester
Savina GreeneMac Version Tester
Kaycee VardamanMac Version Tester
Scot HumphreysMac Version Tester
Mike KruegerMac Version Tester
Matt GolembiewskiMac Version Tester
Bill DelkI.S. Technician
Steve CabinessI.S. Technician
Phuong NguyenDirector of Compatibility
Marc DuranCompatibility Technician
Dan ForsythCompatibility Technician
Derek GibbsCompatibility Technician
Aaron OlalzCompatibility Technician
John ParkerCompatibility Technician
Charles DeenenAudio Director
Craig DumanAudio Mastering
Ronald ValdezBackground TV Music
Dave WestCinematics Re-Recording Mixer
West ProductionsCinematics Sound Effects (Support Company)
West ProductionsFoley Recorded At (Support Company)
Doug TurnerFoley Artist
Gary MurelloFoley Artist
Larry PeacockFoley Artist
Caron WeidnerFoley Editor
Debby RubyFoley Mixer
Cecilia PernaFoley Mixer/Artist
Charles DeenenFoley Supervision
Larry PeacockFoley Supervision
Michael DickesonFX Editor
Mark MorganMusic by
Four Bars EntertainmentMusic for (Support Company)
Charles DeenenIntro Re-Recording Mixer
Brian LuziettiMusic Supervisor
Doug RappaportSound FX Librarian
Sergio Bustamante IISound FX Librarian
Ron ValdezSound FX Librarian
Charles DeenenSound FX Design
Gregory AllenSound FX Design
Larry PeacockSound FX Design
EFXSound FX Design (Support Company)
WeddingtonSound FX Design (Support Company)
Caron WeidnerSound FX Design
Doug RappaportVoice Editor
Sergio Bustamante IIVoice Editor
Fred HatchVoice Producer
Paul HurtubiseVoice Recording Engineer
Chris BordersVoice Supervisor
Julie MorgaviVoice Talent Coordination
Hollywood Recording ServicesVO Recorded At (Support Company)
Jamie ThomasonVoice Direction
Genevieve OstergardPR Manager
Paul SackmanDirector of Marketing
Mike MarkinMarketing Manager
Craig OwensMarketing Manager
Michael CourtneyMarketing Manager
Tod MackAssociate Marketing Manager
Thom DohnerTraffic Manager
Thanks to
Scott EvertsFor contributing above and beyond the call of duty to the quotes file
Warcraft II
Various movie soundtracks
Brian EnoThanks
The Soda Fridge (Thanks Gus & Rusty!)
The spriit of Christmas (Go Santa!)
Demo the Cat
Mary & Adam
Lisa (For moral support)
T-Ray's Mom
The two Donalds
Teresa BrooksThanks
Zeb CookThanks
Chris AvelloneThanks
Lunch Money
The Lunch Court
Irvine Spectrum
Wiz War
Dragon Dice
The Simpsons
Jeepin' andthe Last Minute Talking Dog for finding that damn bug!
Special thanks to the Fallout webpage bulletin board members for comments, suggestions and bug reports about the demo. Your feedback was appreciated!


86 /100

Released: 1997

Gameplay in Fallout centers around the game world, visiting locations and interacting with the local inhabitants. Occasionally, inhabitants will be immersed in dilemmas which the player may choose to solve in order to...