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Fat Chicken (Credits)

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Joshua J. MillsStudio Director
Randy GreenbackSenior Creative Director
Mike TataHead of Publishing
Adrian SchmettauProgrammer
Kurt HasianProgrammer
Brendan Van MaterProgrammer
Jay NakaiProgrammer
David BrossoieArtist
Shadie El-HaddadArtist
Josh PegramArtist
Matt ZeilingerArtist
Toiya Kristen FinleyGame Writer and Editor
Marc MailandSound Designer
Jason GravesMusic Composer and Producer
Dan Schneider (I)Remixes
Steve HowellMusician
Alan AtkinsonMusician
Francesco Le MetreMusician
Jason GravesMusician
Jason Graves Music, Inc.Recorded and Mixed at (Support Company)
Jeremy N. CooperTester
Jeff GreenbackTester
Pete BilesTester
Ted BrockwoodPublic Relations
Kurt HasianVO for the CEO
Robin DavisSpecial Thanks
Jimmy GoodmonSpecial Thanks
Sherri LoSapioSpecial Thanks
Adam SymsonSpecial Thanks
Josh FairhurstSpecial Thanks
Chris Cooper (II)Special Thanks
Zach AbramsSpecial Thanks
Nicholas AllenSpecial Thanks
Will PotterSpecial Thanks
Tim HollandSpecial Thanks
Food Inc.Special Thanks (Support Company)
Jamie MillsSpecial Thanks
Sara JenkinsSpecial Thanks
Brock GreenbackSpecial Thanks
Chris GreenbackSpecial Thanks
Jason GreenbackSpecial Thanks
Madison GreenbackSpecial Thanks
Mindy GreenbackSpecial Thanks
Reece GreenbackSpecial Thanks
Dan EnrightSpecial Thanks
Chris StoySpecial Thanks
Holli HarrellSpecial Thanks
Tracy AlanSpecial Thanks
Steven DenglerSpecial Thanks
Amanda FairhurstSpecial Thanks
Deanne CooperSpecial Thanks
Kaitlynn CooperSpecial Thanks
Jeremy L. CooperSpecial Thanks
Jessica CooperSpecial Thanks
Cheryl TianoSpecial Thanks
Beth ComstockSpecial Thanks
Nathania NhouyvanisvongSpecial Thanks
Michael Hill (I)Special Thanks
Stan LeeSpecial Thanks
Nick LucchesiSpecial Thanks
Jason BilesSpecial Thanks
David Oxford (II)Special Thanks
Flash Bomb AudioSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
E.W. Scripps CompanySpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Capitol Broadcasting CompanySpecial Thanks (Support Company)


Fat Chicken

Released: 2014

Fatten up the herds and rake in the cash - a REVERSE TOWER DEFENSE game where you build a factory farm armed to the udders with towers that provide feed and water to the oncoming herds of farm animals. Upgrade your...