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Fatal Frame

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Genre: Adventure

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Network

Fatal Frame is the first game of the Fatal Frame series, introducing the franchise's unique premise of fighting ghosts with a special camera. Fatal Frame was the first to introduce the innovative use of an old-style camera as the primary weapon. In addition to navigating the main characters around the mansion grounds, players are able to enter Viewfinder Mode, where the camera is raised and the view changes to that of the cam... Read More

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Set in 1986. The story begin with an aspiring folklorist, Mafuyu Hinasaki decides one night to investigate the Himuro Mansion, a place that is said to be haunted, in search of renown folklorist Junsei Takamine. He brings with him a special hand-me-down, a special camera that has the power to "expose things the normal eyes can't see". Mafuyu enters the mansion and encounters its only inhabitants, ghosts of the people who were killed there. After fending off a violent ghost and seeing the power of the camera for himself, Mafuyu decides to continue his search. On his way, however, a dark presence surrounds him, and Mafuyu's fate is unknown.

Two weeks later, Mafuyu's sister, Miku, arrives before the mansion. Fearing the worst may have happened to her brother, she takes it upon herself to enter the mansion and find him. Inside she finds the camera that Mafuyu brought with him, and, continuing his investigation, finds out the truth about the folklorist who went missing. Takamine came to the mansion to document the grisly events that occurred there long ago. In his progress, he uncovers the mysterious Strangling Ritual that took place in the mansion, but before he and his assistants could leave the haunted grounds, they were set upon by the spirits that were killed in the aftermath of the failed ritual. Miku continues deeper into the mansion, determined to find the truth and her missing brother. The story gets worse and worse by every room Miku enters, when later on she finds out that the Shrine Maiden (who is dead) looks for Mafuyu too.