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Mt. Hikami was once worshiped as a sacred place where a unique religion was taught.

The water on this mountain is believed to house spirits, and there is a teaching from this region that “humans are born from water and return to it at the end of their lives.”

As a result, “people looking for death” come to this mountain and experience their last moments while they come in contact with the mountain’s water. They believe this is the proper way to end their lives.

Several peculiar rituals and customs still exist on this mountain, and many bizarre and unfortunate occurrences have supposedly taken place here.

This story takes place on Mt. Hikami, a mountain believed to be a sacred place, and revolves around Yuri Kozukata, Ren Hojo and Miu Hinasaki who act as the three protagonists whose stories are interwoven in this mysterious and dream-like tale.


Release Dates
Game Mode
Single player
Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy
Action, Horror, Survival
Localized titles
Europe: Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
Japan: 零 濡鴉ノ巫女
Korea: 페이탈 프레임 메이든 오브 블랙 워터
Supported Languages