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Fez (Credits)

Polytron Corporation

Phil FishDesigner, Creator
Renaud BédardProgrammer
Marie-Christine BourduaProducer
Dominic AllaireProducer
Rich VreelandMusic and Ambience
Brandon McCartinSound Effects
Paul RobertsonAnimation
Adam SaltsmanAnimation
Anabelle KennedyAnimation
Bennet FoddyQA Tester
Bryan MaQA Tester
Charles ShraderQA Tester
Eric McQuiganQA Tester
Fernando RamalloQA Tester
Jean-Francois MajorQA Tester
Kevin GaddQA Tester
Laurent DarioQA Tester
Mario Von RickenbachQA Tester
Mathieu GagnonQA Tester
Michel PoissonQA Tester
Nick RudziczQA Tester
Petri PurhoQA Tester
Pierre-Luc PoirierQA Tester
Rey B QuilesQA Tester
Shalev MoranQA Tester
Sven BergstromQA Tester
Vlad MicuQA Tester
William HubbelQA Tester
Zoe QuinnQA Tester
Trapdoor (Support Company)
The Fez Fund (Support Company)
Telefilm Canada (Support Company)
AlxieSpecial Thanks
Heather KelleySpecial Thanks
Tone BoneSpecial Thanks
RaphieSpecial Thanks
ValerieSpecial Thanks
Jane PinckardSpecial Thanks
Ken SchachterSpecial Thanks
Julia PungSpecial Thanks
Thomas ScottSpecial Thanks
Samara DavisSpecial Thanks
Kris PiotrowskiSpecial Thanks
Dan VaderSpecial Thanks
Greg GeorgiadisSpecial Thanks
Shawn McGrathSpecial Thanks
Jon MakSpecial Thanks
Brandon BoyerSpecial Thanks
Matthew KumarSpecial Thanks
Ron CarmelSpecial Thanks
Kelly SpantiagoSpecial Thanks
Matthew WegnerSpecial Thanks
Kyle GablerSpecial Thanks
Jon BlowSpecial Thanks
Ryan O'DonnellSpecial Thanks
Jenn FrankSpecial Thanks
Jason RohrerSpecial Thanks
Jeff RobertsSpecial Thanks
Leigh AlexanderSpecial Thanks
Bryan Lee O'MalleySpecial Thanks
Ashly BurchSpecial Thanks
Petri PurhoSpecial Thanks
Syed SalahuddinSpecial Thanks
Kunal GuptaSpecial Thanks
Adam SaltsmanSpecial Thanks
Annabelle KennedySpecial Thanks
Graham LackeySpecial Thanks
Brandon McCartinSpecial Thanks
Paul RobertsonSpecial Thanks
Rich VreelandSpecial Thanks
Renaud BedardSpecial Thanks
Marie-ChristineSpecial Thanks
Brandon BoyerSpecial Thanks
Chad ConcelmoSpecial Thanks
Graham LackeySpecial Thanks


81 /100

Released: 2012

Gomez is a 2D creature living in a 2D world. Or is he? When the existence of a mysterious 3rd dimension is revealed to him, Gomez is sent out on a journey that will take him to the very end of time and space. Use your...