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Fighting Force

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Genre: Fighting, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Strategy

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation Network, PlayStation, Nintendo 64

Fighting Force players control one of four characters. They move through urban and science fiction environments, battling waves of oncoming enemies with weapons ranging from fists and bottles to knives, chairs and guns. The player can make some choices as to which territory to travel through. The four characters have various reasons for taking on Dr. Zeng, a criminal mastermind with an army at his command. The action starts... Read More

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15 reviews

Great 100%

Unique hack and slash/beat em up game. Definitelly best in pre-2000 era. True is that old Tekken or Mortal Combat had more playable characters, but they were lacking deep story, possibility to free roam around (aka simplified open world) and amount of variants or kicks/punches was lower. In Fighting Force you could aswell use any world's objects (if you had strong character even cars) as weapons. Game also had split screen multiplayer. Single pla... Read More