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Final Fantasy II

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Genre: Fighting, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: Mobile, Family Computer (FAMICOM)

FINAL FANTASY II is highly anticipated follow-up to the original FINAL FANTASY, released in Japan in 1988. The game features the bitter and beautiful tale of four war-orphaned heroes who become embroiled in a conflict between the hostile Empire of Palamecia and the rebel resistance. By eschewing conventional leveling for a proficiency system that allows players to tailor their characters' growth and incorporating a key term me... Read More

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Very Bad 30%

This game is what you'd call...a chore. The game works off the design of FF1 by creating stat specific leveling, this makes the idea of leveling feel a more random, pairing that with the idea of experience capping (the idea of reducing experience from enemies as you become stronger), and the design choice of leveling magic up specifically by use means that every element of the gameplay seems to hinder every other element of gameplay. The game pun... Read More