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Final Fantasy III

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Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: Nintendo DS, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation Portable, Ouya, Windows Phone, iOS, Android

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In 2006, Final Fantasy III reached North American shores in an official update/remake. The gameplay of Final Fantasy III combines elements of the first two Final Fantasy games with new features. The turn-based combat system remains in place from the first two games, but hit points are now shown above the target following attacks or healing actions, rather than captioned as in the previous two games. Auto-targeting for physi... Read More

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Fair 70%

I played the PSP version of this game and, linearly, this is the first FF game I would recommend. This is an enhanced version of the original FF in everyway except for maybe difficulty. Although the Job system can seem overwhelming, building a team is quite effective, with new jobs being added later on. In terms of difficulty, nothing stood out as difficult except maybe Final Area + Final Boss. There also seems to be clearly better classes than ... Read More


One thousand years before the events in the game, on a floating continent hovering high above the surface of an unnamed planet, a technologically advanced civilization sought to harness the power of the four elemental crystals of light. They did not realize that they could not control such fundamental forces of nature. This power of light would have consumed the world itself had the light crystals not had their natural counterparts: the four dark elemental crystals. Disturbed by the sudden interruption of the careful balance between light and dark, four warriors were granted the power of the dark crystals to recapture the power of the light crystals. These so-called Dark Warriors succeeded in their quest, and restored harmony to the world. But their victory came too late to save the doomed civilization, whose culture was reduced to ruin, though their floating continent remained. On that continent, the circle of Gulgans, a race of blind soothsayers and fortune-tellers, predicted that these events will ultimately repeat.