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Maxim_Nazarenkos Review [10.0/10]

Maxim_Nazarenko created

Best turn-based strategy with jRPG elements ever created, with incredible twisted storyline, set in fictional medieval kingdom Ivalice, like Final Fantasy XII and Vagrant Story. Very deep plot, combining political intrigue, murders, manipulations and betrayals (some people compare Game of Thrones with this game). Game is portrayed through the e...

cptretroblues Review [9.0/10]

cptretroblue created

The game takes a great turn from its usual turn-based outings on this spinoff tactical JRPG from Squaresoft. Taking place in the fictitious land of Ivalice you control Ramza Beoulve, unlikely hero behind the scenes during the Great Lion War and its fatal consequences. Form your army battalions to brave various hordes of both human enemies and ...