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Final Hour

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, Shooter

Final Hour is an Open World First Person Survival Horror action-adventure video game that takes place 2 and 1/2 years after the outbreak of a deadly man-made disease that mutates those whom come into contact with it. Single Player: Fight your way through our solo player campaign and learn the secrets hidden within the wasteland that now stands before you. Discover how the city that was once flourishing for tens of thousan... Read More

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Before the outbreak of the deadly man-made disease named Hydra, Barrowsville was a thriving city located near the southern border of Pennsylvania in the United States. It was the host of some of the most advanced medical labs in the entire country that collected data for the government trying to cure terminal illnesses. A major breakthrough was made with curing a terminal disease that seemed to remove all the symptoms from the patient. Hundreds of human patients from the city were tested with this new treatment and every single one seemed to improve or be completely cured! That is, until the treatment reversed on them weeks later…That was the night that Barrowsville changed forever.

What was once the government’s number one medical research city now became the nation’s greatest fear. The city was shut down and contained by the government. No one was allowed in the city as well as no one was allowed out. Soon concrete walls were constructed and the people of Barrowsville were indefinitely trapped with the deadly disease that once was their beacon of hope.

Now years later, all military personnel has left the city’s borders due to a high level of inactivity from within the city and a lack of hope. With little assistance from the government, those still within the city are left to care for themselves and their loved ones. The light is full of raiders and the dark is full of mutants; no where at any time is safe. The final hour of daylight holds the most crucial hour of the day as it’s time to slip into the darkness as they emerge from theirs. It’s up the people within the walls to save themselves.