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Final Hour is an Open World First Person Survival Horror action-adventure video game that takes place 2 and 1/2 years after the outbreak of a deadly man-made disease that mutates those whom come into contact with it.

Single Player:
Fight your way through our solo player campaign and learn the secrets hidden within the wasteland that now stands before you. Discover how the city that was once flourishing for tens of thousands of people turned into what it is now. Undergo tasks and quests and get one step closer to the truth!

Play online with other players from around the world in designated areas of the city to see how long you can last. Stand up to adversaries of other players and mutants that roam the street by nightfall. When will you scavenge? By day when players have clear visibility of you or by night when the mutants are hunting for you? The last player standing wins! Games can range from minutes to hours.