Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Here, order is maintained by the Church of Seiros, which hosts the prestigious Officer’s Academy within its headquarters. You are invited to teach one of its three mighty houses, each comprised of students brimming with personality and r...

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Review: LordAris Review

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I have never played another Fire Emblem game. The only thing I knew of the series were the characters in Smash Bros. However, with this game I decided to give it a try and holy sh*t my mind was blown by how good this game was!

The story is super intriguing and characters are all (except Ignatz and Cyril) wonderfully written and you become connected with them. I chose Black Eagles as my house for my first run and I couldn't put the game down for the whole weekend, luckily it was summer vacation so I had lots of time to play (which you'll need for this game lol). I honestly can't really explain everything I love about this game from the first time I played but I remember the story was really captivating and engaging. The gameplay is fun and not as boring as I originally thought. At times you'll really struggle on some maps (unless you're a strategy game veteran, I suppose) and I really enjoyed the challenge although I will admit the game was kinda easy at times but for my first time playing a strategy game I got challenged enough.

When I finished my first run with Black Eagles, I immediately wanted to play the next one. I chose the Blue Lions. I was blown away by how different each house's story is! It's not like you'll choose one house and get the same thing, nono. Each house could seriously be it's own game cause of how differently they play out. I was amazed by this. I knew of Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS which had a similar thing but they sold that as different games; Birthright and Conquest. Here you get it all in one game. The Blue Lions route focuses a lot more on characters than the overarching narrative and it's so freaking good. It's impossible not to connect with the characters in this game.

For my third playthrough I chose, of course, Golden Deer. This was the house that I was least interested in but oh my was I wrong to think that. I think this route's story might be my favorite along Black Eagles. It's difficult to chose a favorite to be honest, cause all of them are great. After I finished the third run, I started a fourth. This is because of (small spoiler?) the fact that there is a fourth route. I could not get more blown away by how much effort went into this game and how much you get for your money! I was satisfied after my first run, but after playing all of them I dont think "satisfied" is the right word anymore.

Also, the new things you learn in the different routes will change your perspective on other characters and their motivations when you know more about them. I can't tell you how many secret details lie in this game and it's so fun to connect the dots by yourself (or online as well).

Before I forget; this soundtrack is amazing! Seriously every song in this game is a banger, I kid you not.

I was so obsessed with this game for the longest time that I went out of my way to get *every* support conversation between all the characters. To put it simply, I'm 100% it. There is also the season pass that is definitely worth the money. It adds a new story that is of the same quality as the main game, and new characters to use. Along with new amazing music tracks.

11/10 game, and it shares the spot of my favorite of all time along with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. Even if you've never played a Fire Emblem game or a strategy game before (like I hadn't) please try this one out. One route takes maybe around 40 hours but by the time I finished my fourth run I was at 200...then I started my 5th run. No, I'm not joking. Although that is on a pause for now.

Positive points
  • - Story, 10/10
  • - Characters, 10/10
  • - Music, 11/10
  • - Gameplay, 9/10 (could be a little more difficult, I guess)
Negative points
  • Hmm, I'll have to say there are minor faults in this game and some of the ones I know of fall under the spoiler category so I won't mention those even though there aren't a lot. Graphically it's nothing profoundly impressive but not a bother to the eyes either. You'll probably notice some rough edges here and there but that shouldn't be a main issue.
  • One minor thing I kinda dont like is how, in the support conversations, animations are reused...not a lot, but idk, sometimes? You won't notice it until you've seen quite a few of them though, I think.


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