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The joys of the outdoors [0.0/10]

sighalot created

Besides the pretty visual and the "indie hype" around Firewatch i didn't really know much about it, As i found out it's very much an emotional journey, the intro scene is deep, heavy and sad.. putting a lot of the weight on the protagonist from the get go. It's almost difficult to digest in that way, but it does a great job at putting you in the...

SolarFluxxes Review [9.0/10]

SolarFluxx created

Upon buying this game, i had NO idea about it except for the 'cool' art style, and to be honest..... I WAS BLOWN AWAY. First off, Pros: +Amazing voice overs +Cool soundtrack and sound design + Cartoony art style + atmospheric with their story Cons: - Anti-Climatic Ending - FPS Drops (I cant really talk about that [Laptop Skrub] but other people...

PaVaDeDus Review [8.0/10]

PaVaDeDu created

Amazing looking game, with a compelling storyline! Hard to put away once you started.

Firewatch [8.0/10]

ARTSKULL created

Отличная бродилка. Мы играем за лесного пожарного, нам предстоит очень интересное приключение, красивые пейзажи, душевные разговоры с напарницей - Делайлой, но все ли так хорошо? Нет. К сожалению, концовка игры была слита, а так игра очень хороша.