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Releasing: December 24, 1999

Featuring more than fifteen different kinds of fish, twenty different fishing holes and lots of different lures, Fisherman's Bait 2: Big Ol' Bass is the PlayStation version of the popular Arcade game. Like the Little Max character from Mike Tyson's Punch Out, you are a transparent fisherman. You can go from "fishin' hole" to "fishin' hole" according to your preference. All of the spots are different in their variety of species. You also get to pick your own lure, ranging from poppers and worms to jerk bait. All lures produce different results, so choose wisely.

Choices for play include: the Beginner mode, where you are given a tutorial during which you're taught the rules of the game; Free Fishing mode, where you can just catch fish at your leisure; Tournament mode, where you must qualify at each of the three lakes to get to the main event; Versus Play, where you compete against another player; and World Monsters mode, where you fish for monster-sized fish through fake environments.

Big Ol' Bass supports vibration feedback, analog control, one block of memory and the SLUH-00063 special controller.

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