Five Dates

Five Dates is an exploration of the unpredictable modern online dating experience. A live action romantic comedy with 5 potential matches and over 7 hours of filmed footage.

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Review: JustLukas Review

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There is no denying Five Dates is an incredibly creative game. A lot of choice-based games are criticized for choice not really mattering, and with this one, you can't really say that is the case. In contrast to another Wales Interactive FMV creation Late Shift, this feels more like a game than a film, and that is certainly good. However, after playing I couldn't have shaken off a feeling that the whole thing had no satisfying ending. It just kind of ends. Considering that modern FMV games are still being figured out, I can still absolutely recommend Five Dates as a fun Friday night thing, though.

Positive points
  • Feels and plays like a game
  • Acting is great
  • Refreshing in the dating sim genre
Negative points
  • Ending(s) not really satisfying, the story just ends
  • Hard to chase multiple endings


Total score