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Florence (Credits)


Kamina VincentDeveloper
Tony CoculuzziDeveloper
Sam CrispDeveloper
Ken WongDeveloper
Kevin PenkinMusic
Fabian MalabelloMusic Supervision
Mat DwyerSound Design
The Otherworld AgencyAudio Agents (Support Company)
Brooke MaggsNarrative Design Consultant
Jason PammentAnimation
Marigold BartlettAdditional Visual Development

Annapurna Interactive

Megan EllisonAnnapurna Interactive
Nathan GaryAnnapurna Interactive
Kelsey HansenAnnapurna Interactive
Neale HemrajaniAnnapurna Interactive
Jeff LegaspiAnnapurna Interactive
Deborah MarsAnnapurna Interactive
James MasiAnnapurna Interactive
Hector SanchezAnnapurna Interactive
Joshua SarfatyAnnapurna Interactive

Villanova Music

Noelle ZhaoPiano
Sophie CurtisCello
Rachael AquilinaViolin
Diane RiddellFlute
Phillip EverallClarinet
Matt McleanMix Engineer
fortyseven CommunicationsPR (Support Company)
EDS Wordland Ltd.Localisation (Support Company)
Enzyme Testing LabsQuality Assurance (Support Company)


Kees van DijkhuizenTrailer
Studio BentoDocumentary (Support Company)
Tony ReedSpecial Thanks
Annie TysonSpecial Thanks
Lumi ConsultingSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Robin VilainSpecial Thanks
Stella TseSpecial Thanks
Phoebe HoSpecial Thanks
Andrew PogsonSpecial Thanks

Annapurna Interactive

Jenova ChenSpecial Thanks
Jordan MarksSpecial Thanks
Jon GibsonSpecial Thanks
Amanda WhiteSpecial Thanks
Sibel SunarSpecial Thanks
Laura WeirSpecial Thanks
Janelle GraiSpecial Thanks
Liucia BottaSpecial Thanks
Deanna PeSpecial Thanks
Sarah RudneySpecial Thanks
Dillon AraceSpecial Thanks
Matt CasamassinaSpecial Thanks
Spiro KouretasSpecial Thanks
Mark GrimmSpecial Thanks



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Released: 2018

"Florence is an interactive storybook from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley about the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman's very first love.

Experience every beat of...