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The lost reliquary of Wyverndale has been unearthed by travelers from faraway lands. Among these treasures lies the Chalice of Immortality, an artifact that sheds light on the ancient past of Heathmoor. Long before the Cataclysm, Knights, Wu Lin, Samurai, and Vikings all lived in harmony in the ancient citadel of Wyverndale, which stood as a monument to peace and prosperity. This era of wonder was achieved thanks to the unprecedented efforts of Lord Ramiel, a heroic Knight who would become known as the First Warden.

In a time of terrible war, Lord Ramiel sought to bring an end to the bloodshed by making a pact with the Great Wyvern – a mythical, fire-breathing creature. The Wyvern helped the Knight defeat his enemies and, together, they watched over Heathmoor for generations.