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eeyoficials Review [1.0/10]

Its really bad. it was a little joy at first but then i started to hate it.

Yaseens Review [9.0/10]

Overall Great Free To Play Battle Royale Game with Unique Building Mechanics . Fun To Play with Family & Friends.

Fortnite is fun when you let it be fun [8.0/10]

I started playing back when the game was released on the Nintendo Switch, so around midway through Season 4. I enjoyed the game, and I continued to play it a lot through Season 4 and the last season of Chapter 2, but for the most part, the game started getting boring when I was not having fun with it. My friends started to play less and less, an...

RoleplayeRs Review [8.0/10]

This is a review for "Battle Royale" portion of the game, I haven't played the "Save the World". Pretty fun as a free to play game, a bit too easy for my taste, but still blows out the competition out of the water.

worda0_0s Review [10.0/10]

I'm sorry to say it but... I have to rate it a 10. Fortnite in its prime was the most fun I've ever had playing a game to this day, it also changed the gaming world forever, and even in its current state today is still playable. Just not nearly as good or as fun.

ckfilmzs Review [10.0/10]

10/10 for prime time I had a brilliant time with this game! I will always keep this in my mind.

Sophies Review [9.0/10]

Great game on PS4 Pro. With the launch of season 3, the framerate is fantastic and they have lots of variety on how you want to play the game and approach fighting scenarios.

defi_zooracer's review of Fortnite [9.0/10]

Easy to pick up and have fun every time whether you're a beginner, intermediate, expert. Great social aspect and community.