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Fractured Soul (Credits)

Endgame Studios

Grant DaviesConcept
Nick KovacConcept
Zon ChenLevel Design
Grant DaviesLevel Design
Nick KovacLevel Design
Tom McLeanLevel Design
Tom McLeanLead Programmer
Marcus MestrovLead Artist
Grant DaviesProgramming
Nick KovacProgramming
Michael SmithProgramming
Stefan AllakiArt
Ian BrightArt
Scott PearceArt
Ben TrotterArt
Charlie YinMusic
Ramsay De MarcoSound Design
Shae DonnarummaPlay Testing
Brad HaywardPlay Testing
Jacob HorvathPlay Testing
Erin GracePlay Testing
Jim KalogiratosPlay Testing
Connie KovacPlay Testing
Trent KustersPlay Testing
Tony LayPlay Testing
Vaughan MarshallPlay Testing
Katrina MarshallPlay Testing
Kevin McIntoshPlay Testing
Paul MotionPlay Testing
Andrew PearcePlay Testing
Will PearcePlay Testing
Tim ReidPlay Testing
Richard RuSpecial Thanks
Stu CameronSpecial Thanks
Paul ClarkeSpecial Thanks
Dave GauntSpecial Thanks
Brad GiblinSpecial Thanks
Damien HolderSpecial Thanks
Amelia KingSpecial Thanks
Gavin KustersSpecial Thanks
James LangfordSpecial Thanks
Tony LaySpecial Thanks
Andrew McIntoshSpecial Thanks
Bill McIntoshSpecial Thanks
Kevin ReillySpecial Thanks
Leonard RobelSpecial Thanks
Cameron RogersSpecial Thanks
David RosenbaumSpecial Thanks
Mark WaylandSpecial Thanks
Steve WhiteSpecial Thanks
Martin WilkesSpecial Thanks
Film VictoriaSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
IronMonkey StudiosSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Torus GamesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)

Pole To Win Co

Robert HaradaQA Lead
Roy MariSenior QA Tester
William Dal PortoSenior QA Tester
Joseph JinSenior QA Tester
Danny KovacsQA Tester
Jon GacusanQA Tester
Adrian McCannaQA Tester


Fractured Soul

Released: 2014

Fractured Soul takes the classic platformers of the 80s and doubles the action! Your unique ability to shift between two parallel dimensions allows you to weave through enemy fire, catch opponents by surprise, and...