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For years, you've been kicked around... hounded by brooms and chased into dark corners. Why? For no good reason. After all, you were just minding your own business. You weren't hurting anyone!

But all that's in the past for you. You're ready for a come back and Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs is here to help you do it. Through fifteen action-packed levels, you'll move to outsmart your enemy, collect all the goodies and search for well-hidden secrets.

As you progress through time from the old world to the wonders of a space airlock, you'll build your strength and vitality. Along the way, you'll collect all kinds of stuff: potions, armor, shields to protect you, food to strengthen you, rings, scrolls, wands to give you special powers, and keys to open doors to other worlds. With wit and skill, not to mention Fuzz Power, you will reach level 15... and there you can blow the socks off your enemy once and for all!

It's addicting, but it's not easy. As you run around collecting your goodies, the floor beneath you begins to change color, to grow weaker. Eventually, it will disappear! You may trap yourself, but with smarts, you'll trap your enemy instead. But that's only for the first few levels. Beyond that, the strategy is up to you. As your strategy develops, so will your points and progress. You will just know, you will be certain of it, that you could have made it further... and that if you do it one more time, you will make it further.

Compete with your friends for top score and level. You can even play head-to-head... you play the enemy and chase your friend's Fuzzball into a corner. Or, for an out-and-out challenge, get nine of your friends together... all of you can play.