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Freedom Planet (Credits)


Carl DouglasPixel Art
Matthew WeekesPixel Art
PicsAndPixelsPixel Art (Support Company)
Stephen DiDuroPixel Art
Arnaud TegnyAdditional Artwork
Estela GonzalezAdditional Artwork
Gashi-GashiAdditional Artwork
Jordan LangeAdditional Artwork
Leila WilsonMusic
Shane EllisMusic
Stephen DiDuroMusic
Dawn Michelle BennettVocals
Akash ThakkarSound Design
Jordan LangeSound Design
Sara Jessica LeenAdditional Programming
Adam C. RauhTesting
Adrian PerezTesting
Alexander KillengrayTesting
Alexandre PeresTesting
April SummersTesting
Beau WorthTesting
Brian MinnerTesting
Briand ChristopheTesting
Chris GreenTesting
Christopher LeeTesting
Daniel HerreraTesting
Darian GonzalezTesting
Hilmir Orn HilmissonTesting
Huw AdamsTesting
Jared LangloisTesting
Joe TennentTesting
Jose A. RuizTesting
Katie AndersonTesting
Mark SargentTesting
Michael GonzalesTesting
Michael James PedrosoTesting
Nathan LindstromTesting
Olivia MartinTesting
Phantom HammertoesTesting
Robert AltoftTesting
Rodolfo ArizmendiTesting
R.S. McClainTesting
Sagi AbutbulTesting
Sara Jessica LeenTesting
Sean WillisTesting
Theodore TrevorTesting
Thomas IgoeTesting
Tristian TurnerTesting
William CopleyTesting
William HeilemanTesting
ClickteamSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Celestial TienSpecial Thanks
Falk Au YeongSpecial Thanks
Aimee Smith (I)Special Thanks
KaggyFilmsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Alexander NormandySpecial Thanks
Dawn Michelle BennettSpecial Thanks
Jason LordSpecial Thanks
Patrick SeymourSpecial Thanks
Sean ChiplockSpecial Thanks
Victoria VittiSpecial Thanks
Leila WilsonSpecial Thanks
Sara Jessica LeenSpecial Thanks
Jordan LangeSpecial Thanks
Ziyo LingSpecial Thanks

Freedom Planet

80 /100

Released: 2014

Freedom Planet is a combat-based platform adventure that pits a spunky dragon girl and her friends against an alien attack force. There's trouble around every turn, from insects to giant robots to sheer explosive...