Froggy Jump Press kit


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Android / iOS




Froggy Jump is Invictus Games' most popular mobile game for iOs and Android. Help Froggy jump higher into the galaxy and beyond with the help of various platforms and different power-ups. Be careful, Froggy's journey is full of perils and dangerous enemy frogs also stand in your way upwards!

Froggy Jump is easy to play: just tilt to move lef or right and tap the screen to launch your space-rocket.

The game features:
- Bouncy, moving, disappearing and spiky platforms
- Space rockets, shields, head-bucket, safety laser, magnets to help you reach higher
- Numerous enemies to beat and avoid
- In-game shop to pimp your frog and to purchase power-ups
- OpenFeint and Game Center support to compare player's scores and track your achievements
- Word Game every day with various prizes
- 12 themes with different platforms and special skills
- Collectable gold bars to improve your coin rate
- Mystery boxes to win something unique in every 12 hours!
- And many, many more …

Warning! Extreme addiction is inevitable!

Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)