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Full Throttle (Credits)

LucasArts Entertainment

Peter ChanLead Artist
Larry AhernLead Animator
Stephen R. ShawLead Programmer
Mark CrowleyProgrammer
Hwei-Lis TsaoProgrammer
Dave GrossmanProgrammer
Tim SchaferProgrammer
Jonathan AckleyProgrammer
Peter TsacleAnimator
Anson JewAnimator
Charlie RamosAnimator
Leonard RobelAnimator
Peter ChanBackground Artist
Brian RichBackground Artist
Richard Green3D Artist
David Vallone3D Artist
Dan Colon3D Artist
Lleslle AclaroArt Technician
Michele HarrellArt Technician
Kim BalestreriArt Technician
Keith KarloffMusic (The Gone Jackals)
Judd AustinMusic (The Gone Jackals)
R.D. MaynardMusic (The Gone Jackals)
Trey SabatelliMusic (The Gone Jackals)
Peter McConnellOrchestral Composer & Music Producer
Clint BajakianLead Sound Designer
Jonathan HoffbergSound Designer
Mark CrowleySound Designer
Tamlynn BarraVoice Producer and Director
Khris BrownVoice Editor & Production Coordnator
Aric WilmunderSCUMM Programmer
Ron GilbertSCUMM Programmer
Brad TaylorSCUMM Programmer
Aaron GilesSCUMM Programmer
Vince LeeInsane Programmer
Michael LandiMUSE Programmer
Peter McConnelliMUSE Programmer
Michael McMahoniMUSE Programmer
Justin GrahamiMUSE Programmer
Chris PurvisLead Tester
Dana FongLead Tester
Jo AshburnLead Tester
John HannonTesting
Albert ChenTesting
Darren JohnsonTesting
Ryan KaufmanTesting
Reed DerlethTesting
Dan PettitTesting
Leyton ChewTesting
William W. BurnsTesting
Chris SnyderTesting
Tabitha TostiTesting
Chip HinnenbergCompatibility Testing
Doyle Gilstrap Jr.Compatibility Testing
Jim DavisonCompatibility Testing
Barbara GleasonProduct Marketing Manager
Casey Donahue AckleyProduction Manager
Tim SchaferWriter, Designer and Project Leader
Larry AhernContributing Designer
Jonathan AckleyContributing Designer
Jesse ClarkContributing Designer
Peter ChanContributing Designer
Stephen R. ShawContributing Designer
Dave GrossmanContributing Writer
Peter ChanVehicle Designs
Richard Green3D Vehicle Models
Larry AhernCharacter Designs
Matthew RussellInstaller / Launcher
Paul LeFevreBoot Disk Maker
Daron StinnettDemo Launcher
Gwen MusengwaAdditional Programmer
Judith LuceroTranslations Programmer
Sean Turner (I)Additional Animator
Gordon BakerAdditional Animator
Graham AnnableAdditional Animator
Michael SliskoAdditional Animator
Aaron MuszalskiLauncher Art
Michael LevineAdditional Compositing / Editing
Gwen MusengwaAdditional Art Technician
C. Andrew NelsonAdditional Art Technician
Justin ChinArtistic Support
Jon KnolesArtistic Support
Harrison FongArtistic Support
Bill TillerArtistic Support
Collette MichaudArtistic Support
Coya ElliottVoice Production Assistant
Cindy LeungProduction Manager, International
Chris PurvisOffical Corey Test Triver and Technical Writer
Sean MatheisAdditional Testing
Rachael BristolAdditional Testing
Dan ConnorsAdditional Testing
Wendy KaplanQA Archivist
Jim HallmanMotorcycle Operator
Tommy NielsenMotorcycle Operator
Greg SenzerMotorcycle Operator
Paul ThermidorHaitian Political Analysis
Sue SesermanPublic Relations Manager
Tom SarrisPublic Relations Associates
Camela BoswellPublic Relations Associates
Lisa StarManager, International Licences
Sandy TongInternational Assistant
Jo AshburnFull Throttle Players Guide
Product Support
Kim GreskoLead Hint Rep
Tabitha TostiHint Line Supervisor
Tabitha TostiProduct Support Lead
Ian CampbellProduct Support Lead
Ed ChinProduct Support Lead
Troy MolanderProduct Support Lead
Tony BurquezProduct Support Lead
Brian BonetProduct Support Lead
Jason DeadrichProuct Support Supervisor
Mara KaehnProduct Support Manager
Mark CartwrightQuality Assurance Supervisor
James WoodInformation Systems
Tom CaudleInformation Systems
Randy SeversonInformation Systems
Jaon AmbergInformation Systems
Laurel WoodsInformation Systems
Randy SpencerInformation Systems
Alex GersonInformation Systems
Bob RodenLegal Machismo
Jack SorensenHigh-Powerd Business Negotiating
Douglas Scott KayChief Technical Officer
Collette MichaudArt Director
Laurie BlavinArt Department Supervisor
Michael LandMr. Big Music Guy
Mary BihrDirector of Marketing
Kathryn RingewaldDirector of Talent
Holly GreenHuman Resources Associate
Leslie LathamDirector of Sales and Operations
Meredith CahillKey Accounts Manager
Jason HorstmanManufacturing and Distribution
Judy AllenSales Customer Service
Christin BuhligSales Customer Service
Dawn YamadaAdministrative Support
Amanda HaverlockAdministrative Support
Susan UpshawAdministrative Support
Lori BeckAdministrative Support
Gina BartonAdministrative Support
Sherri BridgeAdministrative Support
Jannett Shirley-PaulAdministrative Support
Peggy StokAdministrative Support
Randy KomisarPresidental Support

Full Throttle

85 /100

Released: 1995

Full Throttle is a computer adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It was designed by Tim Schafer, who would later go on to design Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and Brütal Legend. The game features voice...