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Already released in undefined on PC (Microsoft Windows)

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PC (Microsoft Windows)



GearGrinder is an action-packed orgy of destruction on wheels! Equipped with powerful, truck mounted on a weapon you fight alias Jack hammer his way through a variety of adrenalin-missions, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

In a number of game modes and many variants, most destructible racing, new equipment such as weapons, mines, armor and more are unlocked. Nestled in a thrilling back-story about money, power, corruption and friendship GearGrinder players offers in more than 45 missions racing fun and action par excellence.

In addition to the extensive single player GearGrinder is also equipped with a multiplayer mode (LAN) with up to 8 players.

Features: - At any time convertible steel giants offer a unique blend of hi-speed racing and action-packed shootouts - Loads of unlockable weapons, bodies, mines, engines and many more Tuning Options - Numerous mini-games to loosen up as slalom, bowling, arena, etc. - Multiplayer modes (LAN) with up to 8 players played