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Releasing: December 31, 1994

Ghosts is an interactive CD-ROM video game released in 1994 by MDI. It stars Sir Christopher Lee in his first computer game.

Ghosts uses the format of a point-and-click format to explore haunted house Hobbs Manor. Lee, as Dr Marcus Grimalkin, invites you to explore the house looking for information on the supernatural.

Various ghostly figures appear from time to time to guide (or scare away) the player, and there are several rooms to explore. Clicking in the right place can lead to The Book of hauntings (holding over 280 pages of illustrations covering ghostly legends of England), spirit photographs, details of the Enfield Poltergeist, interviews with eyewitnesses, ghosthunters and sceptics and six ghost stories narrated by Lee.

While not offering the complex game play demanded by many gamers, Ghosts is a fascinating mix of puzzle game, point-and-click-adventure, mystery and documentary. Like many games of the time, it combined video footage and graphics in the game play elements. But the presence of Lee lends a gravitas to the acting that few other games had at the time.