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Dive into total global conflict as a military operative for hire.

Determine your strategy for world domination. Stage missile strikes on enemy strongholds. Bomb smaller neutrals to build your base of power. Defend unaligned countries to gain their allegiance. With a blistering arsenal and a host of strategic options, you're geared for all-out war as you fight your way to the top of the world.

Wield state-of-the-art missiles, fighters, subs, satellites, nuclear arms and a brutal doomsday device.

Utilize the scenario editor to customize game components, including technology levels and victory conditions.

Challenge up to 16 opponents in multiplayer warfare over LAN or serial link.

Take on 20 missions, utilizing live action briefings to stay abreast if mission goals and vital developments.

Attack View: Command attacks and countermeasures via a spinning 3D globe interface. Fire offensive and defensive weapons around the world with pinpoint accuracy.

Tactical View: Monitor enemy activities and targets in 56 countries around the world. Zoom in to gather intelligence on facility locations and current production settings in enemy territories.