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God of War

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Genre: Adventure, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Strategy

Platforms: PlayStation 2

Similar to franchises like Devil May Cry, Rygar, and Castlevania, the game draws its inspiration from ancient Greek mythology and boasts a heavy emphasis on exploration and battle strategy. Broken into three to four acts, the game also has a strong focus on story-telling and boast tons of magic spells and abilities. Described as "Clash of the Titans meets Heavy Metal", God of War equips its hero with a pair of sword-like chain... Read More

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8 reviews

Fair 70%

The game is definitely fun, i really like the setting and storyline, and it's well told as you progress through the game. The main character is incredibly cool and i like the other characters and enemies that feature. There are plenty of puzzles scattered throughout the game with most being enjoyable and well thought out, although there are a few that come across as rather nonsensical and counter-intuitive. As the game progresses you fight your w... Read More

Positive points
Fun Combat
Enjoyable Setting
Intelligent level/puzzle design
Negative points
Camera angle switches can be frustrating
Some sections can be overly complex and confusing
2 reviews

Great 100%

그 시절 컬쳐쇼크급의 엄청난 연출과 액션게임의 정석이상급인 시원함까지 겸비한 완벽에 가까운게임 지금해도 어마어마하게 재밌음


Kratos is a warrior who serves the Greek gods of Olympus. Flashbacks reveal that he was once a successful captain in the Spartan army and led his men to several victories before being defeated by a barbarian king. Facing death, Kratos called on the God of War, Ares, whom he promised to serve if the god would spare his men and provide the power to destroy their enemies. Ares agreed and bonded the Blades of Chaos, a pair of chained blades forged in the depths of Tartarus, to his new servant. Kratos, equipped with the blades, then decapitated the barbarian king.[23]

Kratos waged war at the behest of Ares, eventually leading an attack on a village occupied by worshipers of Athena. Ares had secretly transported Kratos' wife and child to the village; during his frenzied attack on its temple, Kratos accidentally killed them. Although Ares believed this act would free Kratos to become the perfect warrior, the Spartan instead renounced his pledge of servitude to the god. The oracle of the destroyed village cursed Kratos by bonding the ashes of his dead family to his skin, turning it ash-white and earning him the nickname, "Ghost of Sparta". Plagued by nightmares of his horrible deed, Kratos vowed to serve the other gods in hope of ridding himself of the visions.