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God of War (Credits)

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David JaffeGame Director / Lead Designer
Shannon StudstillProducer
Tim MossLead Programmer
Terry SmithArt Director
Steve CatersonArt Director
Sandy AbeCoordinating Producer
Whitney WadeAssociate Producer
Yumi YangAssociate Producer
Rita MinesProject Coordinator
Matt ArringtonGame Programmer
Magnus DanielssonGame Programmer
Thomas Miller IVGame Programmer
Bob SoperGame Programmer
Phil WilkinsGame Programmer
Christer EricsonLead Engine Programmer
Ashley MorganLevel Desing and Scripting
Todd PapyLevel Desing and Scripting
Jo WrightLevel Desing and Scripting
David JaffeCombat Scenarios Design
Todd PapyCombat Scenarios Design
Darek DanielsCombat System Design
Richard FogeCombat System Design
Eric WilliamsCombat System Design
Jessica BrunelleCamera Design
Tobin RussellLevel Design
Jonathan HawkinsSound and Music Scripting Design
Jason McDonaldSound and Music Scripting Design
Cecil Hong-Sik KimConcept Artist
Scott SeetoConcept Artist
Charlie WenConcept Artist
Stig AsmussenLead Environment Artist
Ken FeldmanLead Environment Artist
Gustavo RascheLead Environment Artist
Mark AhlinEnvironment Artist
Mark AndersonEnvironment Artist
Paul CodaEnvironment Artist
Den JohnsonEnvironment Artist
Dave MatthewsLead Character Artist
Louis LuCharacter Artist
Erik San JuanCharacter Artist
Cory BarlogLead Animator
Paul LeeAnimator
Giovanni LuisAnimator
Nick VonaAnimator
Mehdi YssefAnimator
Maximilian Vaughn AncarLead Effects Artist
Mark AndersenTechnical Artist
Richard GreenspanTechnical Artist
Jason MintersTechnical Artist
Alexander SteinTechnical Artist
Kenneth T. RoyLead Flash Interface / HUD Artist
Ariel LawrenceProduction Assistant
Paul EdwardsTester
Rob HargravesTester
Charlie WenMarketing Material, Art Director
Charlie HuenergazdtAdditional Design
Quinlan RichardsAdditional Design
Scott RogersAdditional Design
Ben DiamandAdditional Programming Support
Vassily A. FilippovAdditional Programming Support
James D. PolkAdditional Technical Art Support
Melissa HarrisonAdditional Environment Art Support
Henry ChengAdditional Artist
Matt ClyneAdditional Artist
Peter KimAdditional Artist
Jeff MorganAdditional Artist
Tate MosesianAdditional Artist
Mike NicholsonAdditional Artist
Shannen DentonAdditional Concept and Storyboard Artist
Martin MercerAdditional Concept and Storyboard Artist
Adam PellinaAdditional Concept and Storyboard Artist
Aaron BowdAdditional Concept and Storyboard Artist
Dwayne TurnerAdditional Concept and Storyboard Artist
Brad VancataAdditional Concept and Storyboard Artist
Jeff BaileyAdditional Animator
Dave BlanchetteAdditional Animator
Grace DetsonAdditional Animator
Colm DugganAdditional Animator
Michael KielyAdditional Animator
Parker MatsonAdditional Animator
Nicole StinnAdditional Animator
Greg TiernanAdditional Animator
Mark WestAdditional Animator
Marianne KrawcyzkWriter
Alexander SteinWriter
David JaffeWriter
Keith FayWriter
Allan BeckerDirector, Product Development
Shuhei YoshidaVice President, Product Development
We would like to thank Spouses/Significant Others and families of the development team.
Charles BoughtonSpecial Thanks
Jenifer ClucasSpecial Thanks
Tim DenleySpecial Thanks
Cory HaibloomSpecial Thanks
Barbara HouseSpecial Thanks
Linda JoSpecial Thanks
Douglas KelleySpecial Thanks
Danny MontealegreSpecial Thanks
Tanya PageSpecial Thanks
Robert RabangSpecial Thanks
Maya RogersSpecial Thanks
Tomomi SimpsonSpecial Thanks
Jen SteeleSpecial Thanks
Jonathan Alan YorkSpecial Thanks
Charlene PanguitoSpecial Thanks
Rob WyattSpecial Thanks
Anthony BorquezSpecial Thanks
Tim LangdallSpecial Thanks
Tracy FullertonSpecial Thanks
Chris SwainSpecial Thanks
Chris FriaSpecial Thanks
Gloria MattierSpecial Thanks
Paul CunninghamSpecial Thanks
Mark SynerSpecial Thanks
Susanne WattheySpecial Thanks
Chuck JeffriesSpecial Thanks
Gina LuckettSpecial Thanks
Dennis MellenSpecial Thanks
Themas OrsiSpecial Thanks
Howard PattowSpecial Thanks
Katja ReitemeyerSpecial Thanks
Shane FrancisSpecial Thanks
Andrew MooreSpecial Thanks

Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA)

SCEA Audio Production Group
Buzz BurrowesDirector of Tools, Technology and Services
Chuck DoudMusic Director
David MurrantSound Design Manager
Clint BajakianMusic Supervisor
Victor Rodriguez (I)Music Supervisor
Brad AldredgeLead Senior Sound Designer
Mark ReisSenior Sound Designer / Cinematic Post Production
Michael Johnson (I)Senior Sound Designer / Cinematic Post Production
Clint BajakianMusic Editor
Tammy TsuyukiMusic Production Coordinator
Chuck RussomAdditional Sound Design
Mark ReisAdditional Sound Design
Rex BacaAdditional Sound Design
SCEA Art & Animation Services Group
Dwayne MasonDirector, Art & Animation Services Group
Brian RauschMotion Capture Manager
Scott McMahonCinematics Manager


Story Cinematics
Jongbo KimExecutive Producer
Taka YasudaProducer
You Shin WonProducer
Nitrogen Studios CanadaIn-Game Cinematics (Support Company)

Soundelux Design Music Group

Voice Over Recording and Editing
Becky AllenExecutive Producer
Amanda WyattVoice Over Business Manager
Chip BeamanVoice Over Business Manager
Jacquie ShriverVoice Over Coordinator
Keythe FarleyVoice Over Casting and Direction
Douglas CarriganVoice Over Casting and Direction
Ginny McSwainAdditional Voice Over Casting

Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA)

SCEA Motion Capture Department
Scott PetersonProduction Supervisor, Motion Capture
Chad MooreAnimation Supervisor
Frank StroccoAnimation Lead
Brian PhippsAnimator
Eryn RostonAnimator
Daniel LeggAnimator
Michael GraessleAnimator
Jerry AshworthAnimator
Jake WilsonSpecialist Lead, Motion Capture
Percy SagunTechnology Supervisor
Johnny WalkerSpecialist, Motion Capture
Travis ParksSpecialist, Motion Capture
James ScarafoneStudio Supervisor
Ryan BeesonStudio Technician
Doug HagstromStudio Technician
Michael ShinkleTracking Supervisor
David IberraTracking Technician
Tony LuiTracking Technician
Chip ParsonsTracking Technician
Nonet VargasArt & Animation Services Group Department Assistant
Steven D. IteStunt Coordinator
Alex ChanskyMotion Capture Stunt Performer
Mary-Beth MacalusoMotion Capture Stunt Performer
Brandon MolaleMotion Capture Stunt Performer
Tim SitarzMotion Capture Stunt Performer
Tim StormsMotion Capture Stunt Performer
House of MovesAdditional Motion Capture Support (Support Company)
Planet BlueIn-Game Cinematics Post FX (Support Company)
SIE San Diego StudioBonus Material (Support Company)
Brian Johnson (I)Cinematics Production Supervisor
Gene StroccoCinematics Creative Lead
Ron PaduaLead Cinematics Designer
Aaron McFarlandCinematics Editor / Compositor
Paul FedorHD Matte Painter
Greg JungCG Supervisor
Janelle PitchfordCG Lead
Bill JohnstonCG Effect Lead
Marcelle De SantosCG Effects Artist
Sal ArdittiCG Lighting and Rendering Artist Lead
Charles LeeCG Concept Artist
Ariel LawrenceFilming and Editing
SCEA Legal & Business Affairs Group
Lisa LungerDirector, Legal & Business Affair
Jim WilliamsDirector, Legal & Business Affair
Brian FukujiSenior Manager, Legal & Business Affair
Ninalei MorrisonManager, Legal & Business Affair
Sue NeparParalegals
Christine DenezzaParalegals
Mary NappiMusic Licensing Coordinator
Music and Sound Effects
Gerard MarinoOriginal Score Composer
Mike ReaganOriginal Score Composer
Ron FishOriginal Score Composer
Winifred PhilipsOriginal Score Composer
Winnie WaldronOriginal Score Composer
Cris VelascoOriginal Score Composer
Marcello De FrancisciOriginal Score Composer
Chuck DoudSoundtrakc Producer
Clint BajakianSoundtrakc Producer
Victor Rodriguez (I)Soundtrakc Producer
Rich GoldmanAdditional Music Production
Riptide MusicAdditional Music Production (Support Company)
James T. SaleChoir Arranging and Conducting
Bobbi PageChoir Contractor
Christine AndersonChoir Vocal Performer
Jennifer BarnesChoir Vocal Performer
Vatsche BarseumianChoir Vocal Performer
Eric BradleyChoir Vocal Performer
Amick ByramChoir Vocal Performer
Elin CarlsonChoir Vocal Performer
Nancy ClaytonChoir Vocal Performer
Dwayne CondonChoir Vocal Performer
Randy CrenshawChoir Vocal Performer
Greg GeigerChoir Vocal Performer
Michael GeigerChoir Vocal Performer
Jennie GrahamChoir Vocal Performer
Fran Durham-GrainikChoir Vocal Performer
Karen HarperChoir Vocal Performer
Walt HarrahChoir Vocal Performer
Luana JackmanChoir Vocal Performer
Angie JareeChoir Vocal Performer
Bob JoyceChoir Vocal Performer
Jon JoyceChoir Vocal Performer
Susan Boyd JoyceChoir Vocal Performer
Kerry KatzChoir Vocal Performer
Christie LawrenceChoir Vocal Performer
Virenia LindChoir Vocal Performer
Rick LoganChoir Vocal Performer
Jonathan Mack (I)Choir Vocal Performer
Melissa MackayChoir Vocal Performer
Guy MaedaChoir Vocal Performer
Donna MedineChoir Vocal Performer
Aleta BraxtonChoir Vocal Performer
Josef PowellChoir Vocal Performer
Rick RiseChoir Vocal Performer
Sally StevensChoir Vocal Performer
Oren WatersChoir Vocal Performer
Jared Emerson-JohnsonMusic Editing and Remixing
Technicolor Interactive ServicesAdditional Sound Design (Support Company)
SCEA First Party Quality Assurance
Michael BlackledgeDirector, First Party Quality Assurance
Ritchard MarkelzSenior Test Manager
Mike VeigelGame Test Manager
Monty RimorinGame Test Engineer
Kelly BollingerGame Test Engineer
Justin HanesQuality Assurance Analyst
Rodger AladrayQuality Assurance Analyst
Elgin OrpillaQuality Assurance Analyst
Mark RanalloQuality Assurance Analyst
Mike BerberichQuality Assurance Analyst
Dennis Miller (I)Game Test Analyst
Fredo PalaciosGame Test Analyst
Dave SchraerGame Test Analyst
Ian JonesGame Test Analyst
Les RelovaGame Test Analyst
Colin StilesGame Test Analyst
Man GiangGame Test Analyst
Nick ReastromGame Test Analyst
Shawn MooreGame Test Analyst
Travis HeffernanGame Test Analyst
Josh GambinoGame Test Analyst
Marcus DixonGame Test Analyst
Paul FlanniganGame Test Analyst
Ferdinand MacalosGame Test Analyst
Donald CarethersGame Test Analyst
Michael HollomanGame Test Analyst
Robert CraddockGame Test Analyst
Marie WiechecGame Test Analyst
Jennifer CrutchfieldGame Test Analyst
Henry GalindoGame Test Analyst
Haadi KhatiblooGame Test Analyst
Dan LombanaGame Test Analyst
PJ RobinsonGame Test Analyst
Laura MitchellGame Test Analyst
Vince LoughneyLab Technician
Eric IppolitoProject Management Supervisor
Jason CokerProject Coordinator
Randall LoweProject Assistant
Benjamin ForrestTraining Specialist
Ken KribsQA Support Manager
Jie XuTest Tool Developer
Chris DepuydtTest Tool Developer
Kevin SimmonsApplication Manager
Christian DavisApplications Administrator
Matt HarperTechnology Project Coordinator
SCEA Marketing
Jeff ReeseSenior Manager, Product Marketing
Grant LukeAssociate Product Manager
Ken ChanProduct Marketing Specialist
Molly SmithDirector, Public Relations
Ron EagleSenior Public Relations Manager
Ryan BowlingPublic Relations Manager
We would alos like to thank each individual at Sony Computer Entertainment America for their contributions, support and dedication to the success of God of Warw ith special recogniton to the Executive Management team inculding:
Kaz HiraiSpecial Thanks
Andrew HouseSpecial Thanks
Jack TrettonSpecial Thanks
Jim BassSpecial Thanks
Glenn NashSpecial Thanks
Frank O'MalleySpecial Thanks
Steve RossSpecial Thanks
Riley RussellSpecial Thanks
Shuhei YoshidaSpecial Thanks

God of War

85 /100

Released: 2005

Similar to franchises like Devil May Cry, Rygar, and Castlevania, the game draws its inspiration from ancient Greek mythology and boasts a heavy emphasis on exploration and battle strategy. Broken into three to four...