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Do not attempt if you are not an avid Godzilla fan. This is not for the sake of gatekeeping...this is a warning for your own benefit.

There is exceptional care for detail in this game for the IP and series, from the music, sfx, locations, and characters. It is hands down the most faithful game with Godzilla ever to be made. But my god does it drag on, and on, and on.

This is better described as a Godzilla movie simulator than a game. You'll see insanely well placed references everywhere in the title, but it's not exactly the most engaging game out there by any stretch of the imagination.

Positive points
  • - Extremely faithful to the source material.
  • - Plenty of Easter eggs for Kaiju fans to notice.
Negative points
  • - DRAGS
  • - Way more a movie simulator than video game


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