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After stowing away on Cortes's ship bound for the New World, Miguel and Tulio find themselves in a strange land with no food. However, they do find part of a map that might lead them to El Dorado, the lost city of gold. You take the role of either Miguel or Tulio as they search 20 levels of action that span swamps, rainforests, Spanish galleons, and even El Dorado for treasure and the other pieces of the map. Along the way, the heroes will have to fight bulls, native warriors, Spanish soldiers, wild boars, and rhinos, and they'll also have to brave the Circle of Fire. Luckily, the heroes are equipped with swords to dispatch any problems they might run into. If you play the game well, you just might get to ride Altivo, the horse. Help Miguel and Tulio find GOLD AND GLORY: The Road to El Dorado.