Golden Axe

Progress is made through the game by fighting through Death Adder's henchmen, including men armed with clubs and maces, skeleton warriors, and knights. Players are able to attack using their weapon, jump and cast spells that hurt all ene...

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Review: Trtreibers Review

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(Based on Arcade version)
A very bare bones beat em up experience, almost no story to speak of and lots of repetitive and boring gameplay. At least it was short?

Score Breakdown

"The Tale"
Story- 5
Pacing- 5
Characters- 4
Originality- 6
Linearity- 3
Length- 7
Epicness- 3

"The Presentation"
Visuals- 6
Display- 5
Music- 5
Sound FX- 7

"The Mechanics"
Ease of Use- 7
Innovation- 5
Replayability- 3

Positive points
  • Ok length
  • Ok sound FX
  • Fairly easy
Negative points
  • Super linear
  • Not epic at all
  • In no way replay worthy


Total score