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Releasing: December 01, 1998

The famed Golden Nugget Las Vegas hotel and casino is the setting for the following games: Blackjack: The goal of blackjack is to get the total point value of your cards to 21 without going over; Craps: The objective of craps is to bet on the outcome of dice rolls; Five-card draw: Like most poker games, the point of five card draw is to have the best hand after the final betting round; Roulette: The goal of roulette is to correctly guess which slot the ball will stop on; Seven-card stud: The goal is have the best hand over other opponents; Video poker: The goal of video poker is to make the best possible hand. Unlike other poker games, there are no opponents. You win a certain multiplier of your bet based on your hand; Texas Hold 'Em: To objective is to have a better hand than your opponents. Big Six: Similar to roulette, this game has players try to successfully predict what symbol the wheel will stop on; Mini-Baccarat: The goal of mini-baccarat is to guess which hand is closer to 9 without going over; Slot machines: In order to win in slots, players must match a winning combination of symbols. These symbols vary from slot machine to slot machine. There are six different slot machines in this game.