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Gone Home (Credits)


Steve GaynorDeveloper
Karla ZimonjaDeveloper
Johnnemann NordhagenDeveloper
Kate CraigDeveloper
Chris RemoOriginal Score
Emily CarrollTitle Screen & UI Artist
Marc NguyenQuality Assurance
Jack MarshallQuality Assurance
Frances RaftisAdditional Photos
Frank LindsayAdditional Photos
Graydon HoareAdditional Photos
Lisa HarrisonAdditional Photos
Nick WolfeAdditional Photos
Rachel BonaccorsoAdditional Photos
A. DegenAdditional Art
Aleks SennwaldAdditional Art
Chris PerrellaAdditional Art
Emma Smith (I)Additional Art
Jack HaydenAdditional Art
James Dormer SchneiderAdditional Art
Jen ZeeAdditional Art
Jonathon BanksAdditional Art
Kelli NelsonAdditional Art
Lee PettyAdditional Art
Murray KraftAdditional Art
Rachel JacksAdditional Art
Rachel MorrisAdditional Art
Ruby PettyAdditional Art
Zach Hazard VaupenAdditional Art
Jake RodkinWeb Design
Chris RemoWeb Design
Doug TabaccoWeb Hosting
Leon HartwigHardware
Josh MillmanAudio Engineering
White House ProductionsRecorded at (Support Company)
Lawrence BishopAdditional Programming
Ann JacksAdditional Handwriting
Carol ZimonjaAdditional Handwriting
Harvey Smith (I)Additional Handwriting
Jen FoleyAdditional Handwriting
Jen HollcroftAdditional Handwriting
Joel BurgessAdditional Handwriting
Judy NordhagenAdditional Handwriting
Lee PettyAdditional Handwriting
Mare SheppardAdditional Handwriting
Nat TrammellAdditional Handwriting
Rachel JacksAdditional Handwriting
Ruby PettyAdditional Handwriting
Adam SaltsmanSpecial Thanks
Alex AshbySpecial Thanks
Alexander BruceSpecial Thanks
Alice O'ConnorSpecial Thanks
Amir RaoSpecial Thanks
Andrea JacksSpecial Thanks
Andy SchatzSpecial Thanks
Ann JacksSpecial Thanks
Anne MoloneySpecial Thanks
Athena JohnsSpecial Thanks
Aubrey HesselgrenSpecial Thanks
Borut PfeiferSpecial Thanks
Bennett FoddySpecial Thanks
Brendon ChungSpecial Thanks
Brett NortonSpecial Thanks
Cabel Maxfield SasserSpecial Thanks
Chris BellSpecial Thanks
Chris HeckerSpecial Thanks
Chris JamesSpecial Thanks
Chris RemoSpecial Thanks
Christine LoveSpecial Thanks
Davey WredenSpecial Thanks
David EggersSpecial Thanks
David PittmanSpecial Thanks
Duncan FyfeSpecial Thanks
Edwin JacksSpecial Thanks
Emily CarrollSpecial Thanks
Emma Smith (I)Special Thanks
Forrest DowlingSpecial Thanks
Greg KasavinSpecial Thanks
Harvey Smith (I)Special Thanks
Ian HamiltonSpecial Thanks
Jack HaydenSpecial Thanks
Jake RodkinSpecial Thanks
Jason FrasierSpecial Thanks
Jen FoleySpecial Thanks
Jen HollcroftSpecial Thanks
Jeremy FriesenSpecial Thanks
Jim CrawfordSpecial Thanks
Joel BurgessSpecial Thanks
Jonathan BlowSpecial Thanks
Jordan ThomasSpecial Thanks
Josh ScherrSpecial Thanks
JP LeBretonSpecial Thanks
Katie OfensteinSpecial Thanks
Kent HudsonSpecial Thanks
Kellee SantiagoSpecial Thanks
Kevin SimmonsSpecial Thanks
Kyle StallockSpecial Thanks
Laurie FrasierSpecial Thanks
Leon HartwigSpecial Thanks
Lucas MeyerSpecial Thanks
Lulu LaMerSpecial Thanks
Manveer HeirSpecial Thanks
Marc FletcherSpecial Thanks
Matthew BurnsSpecial Thanks
Michael AbbottSpecial Thanks
Michael SamynSpecial Thanks
Mike NowakSpecial Thanks
Nels AndersonSpecial Thanks
Nick BreckonSpecial Thanks
Phillipe BosherSpecial Thanks
Rachel JacksSpecial Thanks
Robbie QuesadaSpecial Thanks
Robert YangSpecial Thanks
Sal GoSpecial Thanks
Sarah ElmalehSpecial Thanks
Scott LaGrastaSpecial Thanks
Sean VanamanSpecial Thanks
Shawn ElliottSpecial Thanks
Simon FerrariSpecial Thanks
Syd KalendaSpecial Thanks
Tom FrancisSpecial Thanks
Tom HanrahanSpecial Thanks
Tracy EricksonSpecial Thanks
Tynan WalesSpecial Thanks
Walt WilliamsSpecial Thanks
Will ArmstrongSpecial Thanks
Wistaria ClarkSpecial Thanks
Zack JohnsonSpecial Thanks
Zak McClendonSpecial Thanks

Gone Home

72 /100

Released: 2013

Gone Home is a conceptual simulation game somewhat themed after classic adventure titles where how you interact with space around your characters determines how far you progress in the game. This title is all about...