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Gothic 3

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Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Gothic 3 is a fantasy-themed role-playing game for Windows from the German game developer Piranha Bytes. It is the sequel to Gothic II. Although widely available in English, the native release of the game is German. The game was released throughout the European Union on October 13, 2006 and became available throughout North America starting November 20, 2006. The North American release incorporates two patches that appeared af... Read More

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1 reviews

Bad 40%

Попытка повторить успех первых 2 частей провалилась. Боевка стала хуже, о сюжете вообще говорить нечего. Если первые части цепляли сюжетной линией, то эта пытается увлечь большим открытым миром... вот только все квесты скучны и однообразны. Вобщем это уже не та готика))

Positive points
Система навыков
Большой мир
Negative points
-Слишком мало музыки, спустя пару часов геймплея бесит больше чем в 1 мафии
-Отсутствие сюжета
-Скучные и однообразные задания


The third part opens with the Nameless Hero and his friends sailing to a new continent overrun with orcs, arriving in the Myrtana, the central region of the continent. The hero lost all his stuff from the previous game when his ship is stolen while he's onshore with Milten, Diego, Gorn, and Lester. Presumably this is the source of the orc invasion that was launched on Khorinis during the second chapter. These lands have no physical connection to Khorinis or the ruins of the penal colony. In these mountainous forests the orcs have enslaved the human kingdom with only a few free humans living in the nearly uninhabitable icy northlands of Nordmar and the southern desert of Varant. The hero must decide whether to join the rebellion and stay true to the deposed human king, serve the Orcish usurpers in their quest to topple the last remaining human stronghold, or choose a path that serves his own ends. Throughout the story, he is accompanied by a number of NPCs, some of whom are old friends. While this chapter brings forward friends from the previous title (Xardas, Diego, Milten, Gorn, Lester, Lee, and Vatras) it also introduces two new major characters; King Rhobar the Second (who ultimately was responsible for sending the Nameless Hero to the penal colony in the first game) and Zuben. While the king has a strong past as a bold leader, he now faces a near defeat; his fame on the decline. Zuben leads the Hashishin that inhabit the southern region of Varant.