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This is a game [8.0/10]

ZUPERFLY created

Grand Theft Auto V single player story was incredible. It was so much fun. The missions were fun. The story was great. Lots of crazy action. Trevor, Michael, and Franklin are all great and hilarious in their own way. Plus all the side characters are great as well. Lots of collectables to collect. Lots of missions to do. The graphics were great. ...

Decent [6.0/10]

Loftus created

Where do i start with a game as big as GTA V? Firstly, the game is indeed huge. That's a great thing. The map is bigger than we've ever seen in a GTA game before, and the story (when you add in the side missions) goes on for a damn long time. Added to this, the game has a huge online component, featuring lots of missions, activities and char...

GTA V ftw [8.8/10]

wildrage created

In GTA V we are return back to Los Santos, city known of GTA: San Andreas. We are playing as 3 different characters, Michael, rich 45 years old bank robber, Franklin 20 years old gangster from Grove Street and at least Trevor, the maniac. Player can switch from one to another character whenever he wants. This Game is great optimalized, so you do...

Ayaan123s Review [10.0/10]

Ayaan123 created

best game ever and the graphics are really good i feel like playing this every day

956456s Review [10.0/10]

956456 created

hi guys gta is better than all game if u want u can download it

celtic1200s Review [10.0/10]

celtic1200 created

gta5 is a very good game can you bring a gta6 out please I will buy it straight away

BlureyVermon419s Review [8.0/10]

BlureyVermon419 created

I love playing grand theft auto all of the time, Th only fall back the one that i have is just for xbox 360. would just love to get back into my grand thet auto. Still have to wait tell it has been put onto the backward compatablity list. But all in all LOVE the Game

Fun game! [8.8/10]

CharlieModo created

Grant Theft Auto V is an outstanding game. I have played it on Xbox 360 and I have not had one problem with it aside from the people that cheat to get money and then have a tank a phone call away. This can be annoying at times but is easily resolved by finding another session. Graphics are pretty good for 360, looking forward to seeing what its ...

MilosVucinics Review [10.0/10]

MilosVucinic created

how i can play this.please tell me because i dont have gta5 but i like this game