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A worthy successor [9.0/10]

Oh man, GTA V is so much fun! It really reminds me of the good ol' days when I was younger and played GTA:SA every damn day. Interesting and very different characters with hilarious interactions. Gunplay is good, the story is great, driving around and doing some stupid shit is fun, side missions are enjoyable, graphics are really good. I have no...

SolarFluxxes Review [8.0/10]

1000+ Hrs (On other consoles) and I'm continually finding new and exciting things... That's how you make a game

Fun game! [8.8/10]

Grant Theft Auto V is an outstanding game. I have played it on Xbox 360 and I have not had one problem with it aside from the people that cheat to get money and then have a tank a phone call away. This can be annoying at times but is easily resolved by finding another session. Graphics are pretty good for 360, looking forward to seeing what its ...

This is a game [8.0/10]

Grand Theft Auto V single player story was incredible. It was so much fun. The missions were fun. The story was great. Lots of crazy action. Trevor, Michael, and Franklin are all great and hilarious in their own way. Plus all the side characters are great as well. Lots of collectables to collect. Lots of missions to do. The graphics were great. ...

kgamer_ts Review [9.0/10]

This Game is even in 2020 one of the best Games. It feels really nice to play, has nice graphics. There are so many things you can do in the world.

JustLukas Review [10.0/10]

Hands down, one of the best games of all time. Revolutionary use of the three main characters, along with smooth driving, shooting, missions, story, characters, the open-world... All of this is almost perfect. It's a world that you will dive in and won't wanna go back.

kboldis Review [10.0/10]

GTA V ist eines der besten Open World Spiele aller Zeiten. Die Spielwelt ist so lebendig wie in keinem anderen Spiel. Das gilt auch noch für das Jahr 2020. Die Story ist abwechslungsreich und unterhaltsam. Der Onlinemodus wird permanent mit neuen Content gefüttert und bleibt somit abwechslungsreich. Es git unzählige Missionen und Aktivitäten wie...

tylerthestreamer's review of Grand Theft Auto V [9.0/10]

this is one of my favourite single-player games, just lots of fun. very simplistic in terms of gameplay with a heavy focus on the experience, which is the type of game i love. your never going to get stuck in this game, which leads to you playing it non stop and having a great time online is fun with some friends but my god there are so many gri...

melmis_001's review of Grand Theft Auto V [9.0/10]

I could say that it's one of the greatest GTA games but most of them are good so GTA V is a great game for the generation. Some people get bored easily but even as a kid I was always entertained with this game:.

markayawann's review of Grand Theft Auto V [8.0/10]

Grand Theft Auto V is an aged game that left a lasting impression on me as a child. Its vast open world offered endless possibilities that sparked my imagination. The game's immersive experience allowed me to explore, engage in thrilling missions, and freely roam the expansive city. While reminiscing about my time with GTA V, I struggle to recal...

Decent [6.0/10]

Where do i start with a game as big as GTA V? Firstly, the game is indeed huge. That's a great thing. The map is bigger than we've ever seen in a GTA game before, and the story (when you add in the side missions) goes on for a damn long time. Added to this, the game has a huge online component, featuring lots of missions, activities and char...

jamieb452's review of Grand Theft Auto V [9.0/10]

The game is great, vast story and explosive multiplayer! highly recommend.