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The Ultra Hand was a toy manufactured by Nintendo in the late 1960s. It was created in 1966 by employee Gunpei Yokoi.[1]

The Ultra Hand consists of several criss-cross-connected plastic elements, and operates on the "lazy tongs" pantograph principle. One end of the Ultra Hand has scissor-like handles and is operated like scissors, extending when the handles are pinched together and retracting when they are parted. On the other end of the Ultra Hand are two bowl-shaped grips with which ball-like objects can be gripped when the Ultra Hand is fully extended. Three colored balls were included in the Ultra Hand package,[2] along with stands on which the balls can rest.

Ultra Hand was a commercial success, selling over a million units.[1] It was the first of several toys developed by Yokoi that helped to save the company from serious financial difficulties.[3]

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