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Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

After a sudden and cataclysmic invasion, the Worlds of Terra are devastated. What remains of mankind are either scattered throughout the stars or reduced to migrant fleets. Guide the fate of the human race in a desperate struggle to evade the horrors from beyond our galaxy and uncover an ancient mystery that could turn the tides of war...

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Millions of years ago, an ancient alien race known as the Originators discovered the ability to create life and began seeding pockets of the Milky Way Galaxy with the necessary ingredients for life to flourish, to display their own magnificence and intellect. Some of the Originators chose to use this newfound creation of life for their own benefit, wanting to further their own technologies or enslave them to a life of labor. These political defectors would come to be known as the Consumers and this rift in ideologies grew rampant, eventually sparking an intergalactic civil war.

The Consumers, having harnessed the power to stabilize black holes, created their ultimate weapon to turn the tides of war; the Grimmstar. With a black hole inside, The Grimmstar was able to destroy entire planets before its inhabitants would even have a chance to escape. The Grimmstar was able to sustain the mass inside its black hole by continually feeding on matter and a vicious cycle of never-ending planet consumption had begun.

Before their impending defeat, the last of the Originator elders came together to upload their consciousnesses in to grand monoliths that were to be sent out and hidden throughout the galaxy. They had hoped that, with enough time, life could flourish somewhere in the vastness of the galaxy and there would be another chance to defeat the Grimmstar.