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Grow Up (Credits)

Ubisoft Reflections

Pete YoungLittle A Producer
Anne LangourieuxProduction
Jithin RaoProduction
Jack CouvelaArt
Laura HuttonArt
Dale ScullionGame Design
Liam CharltonLevel Design
Ian MayorNarrative
Andy BuckProgramming
Dan BradshawProgramming
Clement CapartProgramming
Jack TaylorProgramming
Chris JennerProgramming
Maddie HarperDev Testing

Ubisoft Chengdu

Zhang TaoQA Team
Yan XuQA Team
Wang FeiQA Team
Tu Meng YaoQA Team
Xia Le BingQA Team
Chen LiQA Team

Ubisoft Reflections

Lewis GriffinAudio Designer
Romuald TestierAudio Designer
Phil HornbyAudio Designer
Luke SangerMain Theme Music Composer
Aaron BridgettSpecial Thanks
Alejandro Nuez CeballosSpecial Thanks
Alexandru TeodorSpecial Thanks
Alin-Eduard RotaruSpecial Thanks
Anca MaricaSpecial Thanks
Andreas TawnSpecial Thanks
Andrei BeguSpecial Thanks
Andrei MihaiSpecial Thanks
Andrei VoicuSpecial Thanks
Andrei Costin AlexeSpecial Thanks
Bruno DiasSpecial Thanks
Chris BlackburnSpecial Thanks
Chris KenedySpecial Thanks
Claudia-Carmen BistriceanuSpecial Thanks
Codrut CatargiuSpecial Thanks
Constantin FoteaSpecial Thanks
Cosmin-Andrei PopescuSpecial Thanks
Christine ParaschivSpecial Thanks
Cristina-Mihaela AldeaSpecial Thanks
Daniel-Mihai MitoiSpecial Thanks
David RobinsonSpecial Thanks
Dieter PfeilSpecial Thanks
Ethan RaySpecial Thanks
Eugen PopescuSpecial Thanks
Florian AlungulesaSpecial Thanks
Giovanni MarconSpecial Thanks
Guillaume PatuxSpecial Thanks
Horatiu BradeanuSpecial Thanks
Isabel de la Mota MendiolaSpecial Thanks
Jared CarySpecial Thanks
Jennifer BirchSpecial Thanks
Joaquin de Prado GarciaSpecial Thanks
Jon BurseySpecial Thanks
Justin LimSpecial Thanks
Kristian BurgessSpecial Thanks
Ksenia MezheninaSpecial Thanks
Kyle MearsSpecial Thanks
Laura AguilarSpecial Thanks
Lauren FrazerSpecial Thanks
Laurentiu Marius MitreaSpecial Thanks
Lewis ChisholmSpecial Thanks
Luís HenriqueSpecial Thanks
Manu BachetSpecial Thanks
Marc MuraciniSpecial Thanks
Marina CiupercaSpecial Thanks
Marius EnciuSpecial Thanks
Marius TudoracheSpecial Thanks
Mark AkesterSpecial Thanks
Marsali GriffinSpecial Thanks
Martin KeuerSpecial Thanks
Matt LaceySpecial Thanks
Matthew OakleySpecial Thanks
Mickaël IvorraSpecial Thanks
Morgane MunnsSpecial Thanks
Nadezhda LynovaSpecial Thanks
Ninad KumthekarSpecial Thanks
Pauline DutilleulSpecial Thanks
Pedro CortázarSpecial Thanks
Pierre-Gilles DetangerSpecial Thanks
Richard WestbrookSpecial Thanks
Robert FeySpecial Thanks
Rohit NimbrlkarSpecial Thanks
Scott ShirhallSpecial Thanks
Seb ThomasSpecial Thanks
Silviu-Iulian StoicaSpecial Thanks
Sonia IordacheSpecial Thanks
Stacey McIntoshSpecial Thanks
Stefan DingerSpecial Thanks
Stephen StorrieSpecial Thanks
Tanveet ShaikhSpecial Thanks
Tom BoggisSpecial Thanks
Valntina AfoninaSpecial Thanks
Vandit KinarivalaSpecial Thanks
Victor PopSpecial Thanks
Vinit ShettySpecial Thanks
Walter LorenzSpecial Thanks
Yann MassonSpecial Thanks
Yulia MolostovaSpecial Thanks


Grow Up

80 /100

Released: 2016

BUD is back! Join this adorable wobbly robot on his fantastical acroBUDic adventure to the moon.

"Grow Up is a joyful and ageless fantasy game. BUD, a clumsy and charming robot, is on a mission to find MOM, his...