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Guilty Gear XX Slash (ギルティギア イグゼクス スラッシュ Giruti Gia Iguzekusu Surasshu?) is the second updated version of Guilty Gear X2. Once again, the game's balance was reworked by changing properties of certain moves and including new moves for some of the characters;[27][28] GameSpot noed "the game seems to be balanced better than its predecessors."[29] Two new characters were introduced to the game, these being A.B.A, who debuted in Guilty Gear Isuka, and Order-Sol, who is Sol Badguy with an entirely different costume, and moveset.[27] It was first released on September 28, 2005 for the arcades in Japan.[7] In December 2005, it was reported that it would be ported for PS2,[28] which occurred on April 13, 2006.[7] This version was the best-selling title for PS2 in its debut week, being fifth overall;[30] it sold 87,414 copies in Japan as of December 31, 2006.[31] It was later re-released under "Sega the Best" collection on March 17, 2007.[32]