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Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Shooter

Platforms: Mac, PlayStation 2, Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Dr. Gordon Freeman doesn't speak, but he's got a helluva story to tell. This first-person roller-coaster initiated a new era in the history of action games by combining engrossing gameplay, upgraded graphics, ingenious level design and a revolutionary story that may not be all that it seems, told not through cutscenes, but through the visual environment.

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Good 88%

Half-Life though being a bit different to those who came from a different era of gaming (Post-1990's), will show many of the things that a familiar to modern FPS games. Half-Life is literally a game changer from the get-go of the game. Valve were careful in their crafting their storytelling (not their detail or depth but expression), filled with visual cues and actions, that express what's going on the game's universe. In fact, Half-Life's protag... Read More
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1 reviews

Great 100%

Well, when I first played it in 1999 It was the game that changes even my taste of genre. I played it for many hours and also really enjoyed multiplayer. For it's year the GoldSRC engine was bit of revolution and gave modding community freedom to mod the game. Story setting is really great. And scientific ambience is making it even better.


Dr. Gordon Freeman arrives late for work at 8:47 am in the Black Mesa Research Facility, using the advanced Black Mesa tram system that leads through the facility. He arrives at the Anomalous Materials Lab, his work place, and he is informed by the security officer that the scientists have a special experiment today, so he goes to the locker room and puts on the hazard suit. He goes to the lab's lower levels, and arrives at the Anti-Mass Chamber, where he is instructed that the specimen to be used that day is the rarest and also the most unstable specimen. He is tasked with pushing the specimen into the scanning beam of the Anti-Mass Spectrometer for analysis. However as soon as he pushes it, it explodes, and creates a sudden catastrophe called a "resonance cascade", opening a portal between Earth and a dimension called Xen. Freeman is apparently teleported to an alien planet and catches glimpses of various alien lifeforms, including a circle of Vortigaunts, shortly before blacking out.