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Half-Life 2 (Credits)

Valve Corporation

Viktor AntonovUnknown
Ted BackmanUnknown
Kelly BaileyUnknown
Jeff BallingerUnknown
Matt BambergerUnknown
Aaron BarberUnknown
Yahn BernierUnknown
Ken BirdwellUnknown
Derrick BirumUnknown
Chris BokitchUnknown
Steve BondUnknown
Matt BooneUnknown
Charlie BrownUnknown
Julie CaldwellUnknown
Dario CasaliUnknown
Yvan CharpentierUnknown
Jess CliffeUnknown
John CookUnknown
Greg CoomerUnknown
Kellie CosnerUnknown
Scott DaltonUnknown
Kerry DavisUnknown
Jason DeakinsUnknown
Ariel DiazUnknown
Quintin DoroquezUnknown
Martha DravesUnknown
Laura DubukUnknown
Mike DunkleUnknown
Mike DussaultUnknown
Rick EllisUnknown
Dhabih EngUnknown
Miles EstesUnknown
Adrian FinolUnknown
Bill FletcherUnknown
Moby FranckeUnknown
Pat GoodwinUnknown
Chris GreenUnknown
Chris GrinsteadUnknown
John GuthrieUnknown
Leslie HallUnknown
Damarcus HolbrookUnknown
Tim HoltUnknown
Brian JacobsonUnknown
Erik JohnsonUnknown
Jakob JungelsUnknown
Iikka KeranenUnknown
Eric KirchmerUnknown
Marc LaidlawUnknown
Jeff LaneUnknown
Tom LeonardUnknown
Doug LombardiUnknown
Randy LundeenUnknown
Scott LynchUnknown
Ido MagalUnknown
Gary McTaggartUnknown
John Morello IIUnknown
Bryn MoslowUnknown
Gabe Logan NewellUnknown
Tri NguyenUnknown
Jake NicholsonUnknown
Martin OttenUnknown
Kristen PerryUnknown
Bay RaittUnknown
Alfred ReynoldsUnknown
Dave RillerUnknown
Danika RogersUnknown
David SawyerUnknown
Aaron SeelerUnknown
Nick ShaffnerUnknown
Taylor ShermanUnknown
Eric SmithUnknown
David SpeyrerUnknown
Jay StellyUnknown
Jeremy StoneUnknown
Mikel ThompstonUnknown
Kelly ThortonUnknown
Carl UhlmanUnknown
Bill Van BurenUnknown
KayLee VogtUnknown
Robin WalkerUnknown
Josh WeierUnknown
Doug WoodUnknown
Matt T. WoodUnknown
Matt WrightUnknown
Voice Casting (Support Company)
Shana LandsburgCasting Director
Teri FiddlemanCasting Director

Pure Audio

Voice Recording
Pat CockburnVoice recording scheduling and logistics

Valve Corporation

SDLTranslations (Support Company)
Liam LaveryCrack legal team
Jason HoltmanCrack legal team
Karl QuackenbushCrack legal team
Kristen BoraasCrack legal team
Kevin RosenfieldCrack legal team
Alan BruggemanCrack legal team
Dennis TessierCrack legal team
Thanks to the following for the use of their faces
Jamil MullenFace model
Art MinFace model
Larry "The Count" HeardFace model
Ted CohrtFace model
Roger GuayFace model
Frank SheldonFace model
Travis DunlopFace model
Daniel DociuFace model
Van CrowderFace model
Joey ParesaFace model
Chau LuuFace model
Kim Harris-JonesFace model
Michael S. SmithFace model
Joe CairoFace model
Naomi CottonFace model
Sandro ConaiFace model
Lekeetra GilbertFace model
Erdin GrcicFace model
Kanisha SpeyrerFace model
Warren SloughFace model
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Half-Life 2

93 /100

Released: 2004

Half-Life 2 (stylized as HλLF-LIFE²), the sequel to Half-Life, is a first-person shooter video game and part of the Half-Life series. Developed by Valve Corporation, it was initially released on November 16, 2004,...