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Halo 2 (Credits)


Jason JonesProject Lead
Pete ParsonsExecutive Producer
Charlie GoughEngineering Lead
Chris ButcherEngineering Lead
Michael EvansEngineering Lead
Ben WallaceEngineering Lead
Paul BertoneMission Design Lead
Jaime GriesemerGame Design Lead
Marcus LehtoArt Director
Joseph StatenWriter, Director of Cinematics
Martin O'DonnelComposer, Audio Director
Max HobermanMultiplayer & User-Interface Lead
Michel BastienProducer
Hamilton ChuProducer
Curtis CreamerProducer
Harold RyanTest Manager, Producer
Hao ChenEngineering
Bernie FriedinEngineering
Bart HouseEngineering
Damian IslaEngineering
Jason MajorEngineering
Eamon McKenzieEngineering
Mat NoguchiEngineering
Adrian PerezEngineering
Stefan SinclairEngineering
Greg SnookEngineering
Luke TimminsEngineering
Damien NeffAdditional Engineering
Dan WeismanAdditional Engineering
Tyson GreenMission Designer
Rob StokesMission Designer
Hardy LebelAdditional Mission Design
Stephen OkasakiAdditional Mission Design
CJ CowanCinematic Designer
Shi Kai WangLead 3D & Effects Artist
Eric Arroyo3D Artists
Travis Brady3D Artists
Robt McLees3D Artists
Juan Ramirez3D Artists
Kelly RainsAdditional 3D Art
Nathan WalpoleSenior Animator
Bill O'BrienAnimator, Game & Cinematics
Mike BuddAnimator, Game & Cinematics
John ButkusAnimator, Game & Cinematics
Steve AbeytaAdditional Animation
Jeremy FonesAdditional Animation
Stacey MooreAdditional Animation
Christopher BarrettLead Environment Artist
David DunnLead Environment Artist
Frank CapezzutoSingle-Player Environment Artist
Vic DeLeonSingle-Player Environment Artist
Tom DoyleSingle-Player Environment Artist
Justin HaywardSingle-Player Environment Artist
Paul RusselSingle-Player Environment Artist
Michael WuSingle-Player Environment Artist
Mike ZakSingle-Player Environment Artist
Chris LeeAdditional Single-Player Environment Art
Chris CarneyLead Multiplayer Environment Artist
Steve CottonMultiplayer Environment Artist
David CandlandUser Interface Art and Design
Paul CliftProduction Manager & Technical Artist
Steve ScottEffects Artist
Eddie SmithConcept Art 2D & Matte Paintings
Jay WeinlandAudio Lead
C Paul JohnsonSound Designer
Doug BoyceTest Leads
Jamie EvansTest Leads
Zach RussellTest Leads
Aaron LiebermanTest Tools Engineering
Luis VillegasTest Tools Engineering
Roger WolfsonTest Tools Engineering
Mike CodySoftware Test Engineers
Ryan HyllandSoftware Test Engineers
Travis ChenSoftware Test Engineers
Bungie.Net Team
Brian JarrardBungie Community Lead
Tom GiocondaCommunity Team
Lorraine McLeesCommunity Team
Frank O'ConnorCommunity Team
Christopher BarneyAdditional Community Support
Claire JenningsAdditional Community Support
Matt SoellAdditional Community Support
Zoe BrawleyAdditional Community Support
Alta HartmannAdministrative Assistant & Bungie Princess
Joy EasleyAdditional Administrative Support
Amanda AndersonAdditional Administrative Support
Additional Support
The Ant FarmTitles & Trailers (Support Company)
J. David AthertonDialog Recording Engineer
Dawn Hershey C.S.A.Casting Director
Simon JamesOrchestra Contractor
Stan LePardAdditional Orchestration, Music Editing
FilmOasis Inc.Attract Movies, Credits, DVD Production (Support Company)
Omni Interactive AudioCinematic Foley (Support Company)
ReelFX Creative StudiosAdditional Cinematic Animation (Support Company)
Michael SalvatoriAdditional Music and Audio Production
Steve VaiCourtesy of Epic Records
Lee WilsonStoryboard Artist
Special Thanks
Michael AbrashSpecial Thanks
Robbie BachSpecial Thanks
Matt CaseSpecial Thanks
Lev ChapselkySpecial Thanks
FASA Studios - duplicateSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Forza AudioSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Ed FriesSpecial Thanks
Nick GraySpecial Thanks
James HereySpecial Thanks
Shane KimSpecial Thanks
Peter MooreSpecial Thanks
Stuart MoulderSpecial Thanks
Michael SartainSpecial Thanks
Alex SeropianSpecial Thanks
Sameer TejaniSpecial Thanks
Don MurphySpecial Thanks
Cinematic Cast
BlindlightCasting & Voice-Over Production Services (Support Company)

Microsoft Game Studios

Cameron PayneLead Product Marketing Manager
Randy PagulayanUser Testing Lead
Mei-Mei BongXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Michal BortnikXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Sam CharchianXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Tony ChenXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Brent E. CurtisXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Bruce DawsonXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Laura FryerXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Pete IsenseeXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Tristan JacksonXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Ben KilgoreXbox Platform & Xbox Live
James MillerXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Mike MinahanXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Oliver MiyashitaXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Boyd MultererXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Anthony SmithXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Jason StrayerXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Van VanXbox Platform & Xbox Live
Chuck BlevensXbox Marketing & PR
Chris DiCesareXbox Marketing & PR
Jen MartinXbox Marketing & PR
April McKeeXbox Marketing & PR
Brian RekasisXbox Marketing & PR
Genevieve WaldmanXbox Marketing & PR
Orlena YeungXbox Marketing & PR
Dana FosUser Experience
Michelle LombaUser Experience
Caitlin SullivanUser Experience
Jeannie VoirinUser Experience
JoAnne WilliamsUser Experience
Matt WhitingUser Experience
John HopsonUser Testing
Jun KimUser Testing
Keith SteuryUser Testing
Michael IvoryLocalization Team Ireland
Peter FitzpatrickLocalization Team Ireland
Jason ShirleyLocalization Team Ireland
Ian WalshLocalization Team Ireland
Munetaka FuseLocalization Team Japan
Yuki HarimaLocalization Team Japan
Yoko HasegawaLocalization Team Japan
Mitsuru KitamuraLocalization Team Japan
Kyoung Ho HanLocalization Team Korea
Yoon Hee YungLocalization Team Korea
Ji Young KimLocalization Team Korea
In Goo KwonLocalization Team Korea
Sang Wook ParkLocalization Team Korea
Victoria OlsonLocalization Team Redmond
Sophia Shu Chuan LaiLocalization Team Taiwan
Robert Shih-Wei LinLocalization Team Taiwan
Andy Chen An LiuLocalization Team Taiwan
Vincent Chia Lun TsaiLocalization Team Taiwan
Jeff WangLocalization Team Taiwan
Daniel HorowitzSoftware Development Engineers
Hiroki KobyashiSoftware Development Engineers
Yaohua HuSoftware Development Engineers
Xin TongSoftware Development Engineers
Adrian BrownSoftware Test Engineers
Jeremy FischerSoftware Test Engineers
Justin JonesSoftware Test Engineers
Domenic KoeplinSoftware Test Engineers
Matthew ShimabukuSoftware Test Engineers
Pieter WycoffSoftware Test Engineers
Carlos AnicamaContract Test Team
Brandon AnthonyContract Test Team
Graham BartlettContract Test Team
Hans BensonContract Test Team
Hung-Hsi ChenContract Test Team
May Lee ChungContract Test Team
Jeffrey E. CloudContract Test Team
Joseph E. EzellContract Test Team
Ricardo GascaContract Test Team
Allyn IwaneContract Test Team
Maria JohnContract Test Team
Shawn JohnsonContract Test Team
Christopher KillianContract Test Team
Roderick KimContract Test Team
Amelia LacenskiContract Test Team
Jessica LiContract Test Team
Titus LowellContract Test Team
Vasili MelnikContract Test Team
Vincent NgoContract Test Team
Christian NovembrinoContract Test Team
Melvin OkContract Test Team
Maxwell PerryContract Test Team
Jeremiah PieschlContract Test Team
Ingo VoparilContract Test Team
Michael WilliamsContract Test Team
Timothy WilliamsContract Test Team
Peter BeckerAdditional Microsoft Support
Jama CantrellAdditional Microsoft Support
Hubert ChengAdditional Microsoft Support
Scott Dell'OssoAdditional Microsoft Support
Jeff KoontzAdditional Microsoft Support
Audrey SearcyAdditional Microsoft Support
Tim StuartAdditional Microsoft Support
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Halo 2

85 /100

Released: 2004

Halo 2 is the sequel to the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo: Combat Evolved. In Halo 2, the saga continues as Master Chief—a genetically enhanced super-soldier—is the only thing standing between the...