Halo: The Master Chief Collection Reviews

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Kourgath223s Review [8.0/10]

A great remaster of a great series of games, especially after the launch issues were ironed out.

Blasphemer888s Review [9.0/10]

In December I bought a Xbox one, so until a few months ago I was not able to play all the Halo games (i played until Halo 2 bc i was playing in pc) and this saga it's poetical, atmospherically and please do not fall in love with Cortana.

ephemer117s Review [9.0/10]

The ultimate collection of Halo Games (minus Halo 5) remastered on XBOX One / PC. There is a large active and competitive community playing and developers are supporting the games with seasons.

markayawann's review of Halo: The Master Chief Collection [9.0/10]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane for gamers who grew up with the franchise. Reminiscing the classic Halo 1 experience brings back the joy and excitement of childhood, while the sequels provide a captivating continuation of Master Chief's story. Witnessing the development of the iconic protagonist and the...