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Hardwar: The Future Is Greedy

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Genre: Simulator

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

On the barren moon Titan, within the city of Misplaced Optimism, scavenger operators and ram-runners fight for the right to courier the last of Titan's worthless riches.

Caught between the powerplays of neo-feudal corporations and mutant underworld cartels, there is only one escape. Off-planet.
...You're going to need all the Hardwar(e) you can get.

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Titan. An icy Moon in our solar system and full of forgotten mines, dug into the craters. They were big once, but corporations have abandoned them with workers and settlers, who are fighting for survival. Welcome to the gloomy city of Misplaced Optimism...

Clans have formed since then, and the political and military situation has evolved. These organisations plunder and slowly deplete the scarce resources that sustain them, permanently faced with the slightest opportunity to tilt the balance in their favour.

But the clans of today are no longer the major corporations of the past. Their lack of confidence has resulted in very specific ways, power remains under the control of a few rare elect. Centuries of inbreeding, frantic cloning, of genocide, sterilisation and other sordid genetic manipulations resulted in a race that looks far from the human species. After two centuries of isolation, the inhabitants of Titan have plunged into genetic and moral corruption. Nothing motivates them any more, but they have a common desire: leave this cold and hostile rock.

Those who know how to fly still have a chance to escape by trading or by engaging in the fierce struggle for power, a result of the social tension constantly increasing. Information, thoughts, hunches and rumours are propagated in the city by Hardwarp FM, always on the lookout for fresh news. For many, this is the only way to keep from going crazy... but for others, it is an opportunity to earn even more...