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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

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Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3

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Natsume's farm simulation series makes its debut on the PlayStation with Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Starting out with a few rudimentary implements and very little money, you begin the arduous task of reviving your grandfather's farm and thereby claiming your place as its rightful heir. Players are given three years to achieve this goal. A year consists of four seasons, each of which lasts 30 days. Different crops can be ... Read More

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As a young boy, the main character went to his grandfather's farm for the summer. His grandfather was too busy taking care of the farm to spend much time with him, so the boy explored the town and countryside on his own.
The boy befriended his grandfather's puppy and met a little girl his own age with whom he became close friends. When the summer was over the boy had to go back home, but he promised the little girl that he would return someday.

Ten years later, years after his grandfather's death, the boy – now a grown man – returns to the town to take over the farm. Upon meeting the main character, the mayor and other villagers decide that he would be allowed to stay as the rightful owner if he restored the farm to its original state within three years. Otherwise, he would have to leave.