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Haven: Call of the King (Credits)

Traveller's Tales

Jon BurtonConcept, Story and Game Design
Dave DootsonHead Programmer
Leon WarrenLead Artist
Steve MonksLead Engine Programmer
Jon BurtonGameplay Programmer
Chris StanforthGameplay Programmer
Glyn ScraggGameplay Programmer
Dave DootsonGameplay Programmer
Steve MonksGameplay Programmer
Richard TaylorGameplay Programmer
Steve MonksEngine Programmer
Dave DootsonEngine Programmer
Alistair CroweEngine Programmer
Glyn ScraggEngine Programmer
Richard TaylorFractal Render Engine
Alistair CroweFractal Render Engine
Alistair CroweTools Programmer
Ralph FerneyhoughTools Programmer
Michael JacksonTools Programmer
Steve MonksTools Programmer
Glyn ScraggTools Programmer
Richard TaylorTools Programmer
Dave Burton3D Artist
Beverley Bush3D Artist
James Cunliffe3D Artist
Nicola Daly3D Artist
Paul Dobson3D Artist
Alan Dooley3D Artist
David Hoye3D Artist
Paul McCormack3D Artist
Charles McNair3D Artist
Allan Wales3D Artist
Leon Warren3D Artist
Chris Dicker3D Animator
Anthony Whiteley3D Animator
Paul Underwood3D Animator
Leon Warren3D Animator
Jeremy Pardon3D Animator
Lee BurnsAdditional 3D Art
Chris DickerAdditional 3D Art
Rhoda DalyAdditional 3D Art
Barry ThompsonAdditional 3D Art
Will ThompsonAdditional 3D Art
Craig WhittleAdditional 3D Art
Arthur ParsonsProducer
Rodney MatthewsConcept Artist
Chris DickerCharacter Designer
Jon BurtonOriginal Story and Script
Will ThompsonAdditional Scripting
James KayAdditional Scripting
Emma HoskinsOffice Manager
Andy BlytheMusic Composer and Director
Marten JoustraMusic Composer and Director
Steve CowellSound Effects
Jon BurtonDirector
Helen BurtonSpecial Thanks
Dawn BurtonSpecial Thanks
Francesca CharlesworthSpecial Thanks
Samantha CroweSpecial Thanks
Nicola DalySpecial Thanks
Becky FerneyhoughSpecial Thanks
Liam McCormackSpecial Thanks
Alison ScraggSpecial Thanks
Fiona StanforthSpecial Thanks
Emma TaylorSpecial Thanks
Pamela TierneySpecial Thanks
Michelle Mynshull-WalesSpecial Thanks
Laura WarrenSpecial Thanks
Katharine HoskinsIn Loving Memory of

Midway Games

San Diego Production
Wayne ClineProducer
Ed TuckerAssociate Producer
Matt KaplanAssistant Producer
Weston BoucherAssistant Producer
Paul LeFevreTechnical Director
Craig RundelsArt Director
Mike AbbotSenior VP of 3rd Party Production
Lee JacobsonVP of Business Development
UK Production
Aaron OrsakAssociate Producer
Greg HounsomAssociate Producer
La Paraguas Productions Ltd.Cutscene Animation (Support Company)
Stewart MacPhersonCutscene Animator
Stewart AlvesCutscene Animator
Han Ter ParkCutscene Animator
Jonathan MacIntoshCutscene Animator
Savalas StudiosCutscene Audio and Music (Support Company)
Michael MacKinnonCutscene Audio and Music
Giles LambCutscene Audio and Music
Chris SinclairCutscene Audio and Music
Emma MurphyCutscene Audio and Music
Douglas McDougallCutscene Audio and Music
Diane JardineCutscene Audio and Music
Dave SouterCutscene Audio and Music
Steven MacBrideCutscene Audio and Music
Kahl HendersonCutscene Audio and Music
Rob SablanTesting Manager
Eric NarvaezTesting Supervisor
Shon FlanaganLead Tester
Matt JenkinsLead Tester
Kham KaignavongsaAssistant Lead
Dirk LancasterTester
John TajunaTester
Rob BelairTester
Ryan CastigliaTester
Travis ButlerTester
Richie RuckerTester
Jason JorgensenTester
Chris BergTester
Chris DebodaTester
Josh BegleyTester
Mike EricksonTester
Courtland JonesTester
Yatsuko MathewsTester
Ronald SallezaTSA
Adrian CastañedaTSA
Midway Marketing
Dennis RoyProduct Manager
Gary GonzalesPackage and Advertising Designer
Ayzenberg GroupPackage and Advertising Design (Support Company)
Hamagami/Carroll Inc.Package and Advertising Design (Support Company)
Helene SheelerVP of Marketing
Lawrence SmithDirector of Marketing
May CamMarketing Coordinator
Christa WittenbergChannel Marketing
Echo StorchChannel Marketing
Marci DitterPublic Relations
Jay BoorPublic Relations
Manning Salvage and LeePublic Relations (Support Company)
Dawson VosburgOnline Marketing
Sean GigremosaOnline Marketing
David TokhiemOnline Marketing
Blast RadiusOnline Marketing (Support Company)
Midway Europe
Kimberly TilleyInternational Coordination
Rema SundarararjanInternational Coordination
Joanna HammondInternational Coordination
Yoni AttiasInternational Coordination
Yvonne WhiteInternational Coordination
International Marketing
David Burton (I)European Marketing Director
Christina CamerotaProduct Manager
Phil RobinsonPR Manager
Special Thanks
Randall MageSpecial Thanks
Nina LampinenSpecial Thanks
Aubrey HodgesAudio Director
Aubrey HodgesDialogue Editor
Dale StumpDialogue Editor
Shane KneipDialogue Editor
Tom CruseDialogue Editor
Creative Services
Debbie AustinVP of Creative Services
Kathy HeppellProject Manager
Gary GonzalesCreative Designer
Rare MacapayagDocumentation
Jon MongelluzzoDocumentation
Special Thanks
Debbie AustinSpecial Thanks
Serena ChanSpecial Thanks
Rigo CortesSpecial Thanks
Max CrawfordSpecial Thanks
Ann DentonSpecial Thanks
Rob GustafsonSpecial Thanks
Tim Hill (I)Special Thanks
Horizon MediaSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Regan KerwinSpecial Thanks
Mike LustenbergerSpecial Thanks
Susan LustenbergerSpecial Thanks
David MenkesSpecial Thanks
Sally NicholsSpecial Thanks
Erin ShemsSpecial Thanks
Beth SmukowskiSpecial Thanks
Brenda WilsonSpecial Thanks
Christa WossSpecial Thanks

Haven: Call of the King

Released: 2002

The King Athellion has left his homeworld to fight in an intergalactic crusade. He left behind a huge bell - The Golden Voice - for his people to call him should they ever be in danger. During his absence however, the...