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Already released in undefined on PC (Microsoft Windows)

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PC (Microsoft Windows)



Iron Cross is an expansion of Hearts of Iron 2 Armageddon released as a digital download on October 7, 2010, developed by Irshappa. It expands the number of provinces on the map as well as numerous other additions and can also be installed as an expansion of Arsenal of Democracy and Darkest Hour.


*Play as one of 200 countries from 1933 to 1964, and interact with real ministers and leaders
*New map with over 4,000 new provinces
*More than 6,000 new events
*New tech tree featuring 800 technologies, with a realistic research system
*New units and brigades, including special units, infantry regiment, heavy artillery, and more
*New AI offering more options and greater depth
*New scenarios set in 1933 and 1934 as well as old scenarios adapted to Iron Cross
*Compatible with HoI II: Armageddon, Arsenal of Democracy and Darkest Hour